Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
denied 07/31/2011

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay : denied's user review

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- Digital Delay
- Controls for level, feedback, delay time, and mode
- Direct out
- Buffered bypass
- Powered by 9V battery or Boss style adapter
- Boss build and durability
- Easy battery access
- 800ms of delay time
- Hold function


My biggest gripe with this pedal is the delay modes. I see no reason why there need to be three different parameters for delay time, as opposed to one knob that runs from 12.5ms to 800.
There is no tap tempo on this pedal, so if that is what you’re after, you’ll need to look at one of the later models like the dd6 or 7.
The direct out, easy battery access are nice features. I didn’t find a whole lot of use for the hold function, you’d be better off looking at something like the EHX freeze. To clarify, this is NOT a looping function.


Classic digital delay. You won’t get any analog warmth or imperfections here, so if that’s what you’re after, keep looking. The repeats are exact digital replications of what goes in to it, and fade out as such. Some call it sterile, it really depends what kind of delay you are looking for.
The tone is definitely in demand, to the extent that Boss reissued this pedal alongside the current DD7 model. As digital delays go, this is an excellent representation of the industries early offerings.


A classic pedal that captures the essence of digital delay. This is pretty much the bare basics, just enough features to get you by, with a few added frills. My biggest complaint is the lack of tap tempo, something that you end up using quite a bit with something as stable as digital delay. I don’t find myself missing it when using analog or tape for some added character. But especially when using delay rhythmically, you tend to need it.
But that said, it really is a great little delay pedal, at an affordable price.