Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
MGR/Ryan White 02/05/2004

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay : MGR/Ryan White's user review

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I ordered it from my local music store, Limelight Music. I needed another delay pedal that could do more. I payed $110 for it.

It hurts my ears. They should give you a huge warning about turning the feedback level all the way up and messing with the knobs. It was amazing though. There are always certain things about analog and certain things about digital, and as a recomendation, check this pedal out. If you're up for exerimentation then buy it. It has ample delay time and it's very quiet.

It hurts my ears, it's a love/hate kind of thing.

It's very sturdy, I've never had a Boss pedal fall apart on me, you can stomp the living crap out of them and they don't budge.

If you're looking for a good average priced digital delay then i suggest you check it out.

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