Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Jérémy Guézennec 05/31/2014

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay : Jérémy Guézennec's user review

«  Excellent and surprising »

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The effects are simple: the delay, and a little looper well hidden too. This will super slapback to Floydiens effects. I am really not in favor of the Boss brand (this is a good brand, but without much personality. Useful for studio musicians who must have all the cards in hand), I appreciate the DD7. Used with single 9V connector.


Used obtained without manual, it uses fast! Few days to explore and use becomes very simple. I often keep warm for a delay to Thee Oh Sees, and it works wonderfully. The config is clear, even if live I think it is better not to fiddle: you risk to screw it up. Everything is simple, because it is direct: level, feedback, time, and type of delay. The only thing that took me a long time is the hold I never imagined that it could serve as a looper! Well, it is not the main function and it is not very developed, but it's good to know!


The effects are effective and realistic, all depends on how you take them. Make it sound very realistic is easy, but it can quickly turn to the imagination the most total. Endless to Pink Floyd sounds clear, this is not my cup of tea, I avoid them. To be blunt: the pedal is really easy to use, but it is also fast to miss (especially live) if it decides to change its parameters during the song.

The most interesting features:
- Modulate (well then you do what you want baby). Feedback and delay time to 13h = awesome.
- Hold (looper hidden, etc.).

Less interesting:
- The reverse probably 5min funny but difficult to use and unrealistic
- Analog? Not so including interest, but it may come, it is revealed little by little.

I use it with my Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster 2008, something like, a Vox VT15, it sounds. In my stuff, it adds up to a TC Electronic Polytune black, TC Electronic Spark Mini Boost (a wonder by the way), an EHX Pulsar and a Big Muff, it will soon be replaced by a Way Huge Swollen Pickle.


I use it for a few weeks, the purchase was intended for a few months to complete a fairly lightweight pedalboard. I watched a lot of delays, really ... even if it hurts to admit it, because Boss and me is not it, this is really nice DD7. Very helpful, be careful though: when you tasted, hard to get to play without ... After a DD3 would probably work just as well, to see if you really use all the features!

Other delays seemed all too pro, too "pretentious" to be exact.

The decline is (a little), yes I'll buy again in a heartbeat. The price is strong but less than 100 € on occasion it's a good deal and a good choice.