Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Linn Sondek 01/17/2014

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay : Linn Sondek's user review

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As its name suggests, this Boss DD-7 offers digital delay effects.
In addition to the 4 presets digital delay (50, 200.800 and 3200 ms), there is a "Hold" function that lets you record loops of a maximum duration of 40 seconds, a "Analog" mode supposed to emulate an analog pedal a "Modulate" mode which adds a chorus, and finally a "Reverse" mode.
The pedal has stereo and has 3 inputs and 2 outputs classic jack format. An external footswitch can be connected to the "Tempo / EXP" entry.
Settings, as 4 tiny knobs allow to act on the mix (especially the volume of repetitions), the number of repetitions, the delay time and the selection of different modes.
We have a compact pedal that offers a lot there.


Setup is simple as long as you know what kind of pedal. The many functions allow a significant number of sounds and settings to show both progressive and efficient. The manual provided is clear and comprehensive. This pedal does not offer any storage and buttons will not be easier to handle on stage in a reasonable time. Other delay pedals are more relevant because of knobs provided both larger and more accessible.


Effects, quality, offering a wide range. But again, as it proves impossible to manipulate the knobs at the bottom it will be difficult, if not impossible, to make quick changes to the mix, the number of repetitions or time delay. In the studio, it will be less detrimental but on stage, I do not really see any solutions to change anything instantly. But back to the sound quality! It is in very good and it is indeed a very, very rare times that I found in a digital effect sounds really satisfactory. The "Analog" mode does the trick and convincingly emulates the sound of an analog delay pedal. In general, the quality of repetitions is in very good: the sound is defined, does not sound synthetic and retains a very correct precision. In "loop (Hold function" mode), the sound retains its intelligibility but it will mainly for training because the rendering quality is still not great. Mode "Reverse" I'm disappointed, well below that offered by Jam Man Delay for example, it shows little use and lack of clarity and definition.
In stereo, the effect is very convincing and lends a surprising extent. On this last point, the pedal excels.
I use this pedal with different Gibson Les Paul.


I acquired this purpose hand and use it for about 1 year. It complements, offering more substantial time delay, my MXR Carbon Copy. Useless, of course, wait for the Boss has the grain so warm and pleasant but the MR is absolutely ridiculous, far from it. I have not tested other digital delay because it is above all the right opportunity presented itself that made me buy the Boss DD-7. I would have surely not its new price of 150 €. But at 70 €, there is really nothing to complain about.
Overall this pedal is good, usable and offers great sound. The reverse mode is not terrible, too bad! The point that I regret concerning ergonomics at least average because, again, the settings once made can hardly be modified game situation