Danelectro DE-1 Dan-Echo
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cellardoor 12/22/2004

Danelectro DE-1 Dan-Echo : cellardoor's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
- Two modes selectable by switch time limit, one short and one long (along knowing that trs is not long compared to other pedals)
- Rglage level effect
- Delay time (dpend the switch)
- Number of rptitions
- A high-cut filter to the DGRAD rptitions as and to simulate the operation of vintage echo

missing: a hold function, the possibility to set the duration of the delay at the base, the time delay could be longer but not really the spirit of the pedals

standard and large black dot: the quality of connections: either the jack or power connectors while a fix is ​​made of plastic directly on the circuit apparently not trsrsistant. On mine (bought from OCCAZ but danelecto rput is all fawn for quality manufacturing average), the taking of power supply is not well fixed, if rsultat button over the pedals too s'teint, ditto for taking input: it produces a shrill whistle that is lightweight rsoud moving a little jack in the connector.
mine is fixed on a pdalier home and I never moves the connections so I do drang has not but I have no confidence in this specially pedals, especially in a context sc no (but I use rarely the delay and that these pedals are worth nine too much for allowing me to have one of reserves)


Very easy to use, you just understand that the switch changes the action of the knob hard.
the only major missing is the tap delay evokes above.
the manual is short but gives some examples of rglages, all fawn is a delay, there is nothing complicated the inside, until you want o play in groups and that dbrouiller'll have to stick to the pedals in tempo ... not empty


It should be understood that it directs towards the pedals a reproduction of vintage effects, not something to sample phrases and play with it. Whether fawn slapback rhythm or solo, the sound is trs good for the price (especially if you have it in hand), despite the delay lasts a little weak, with some effects and a bottleneck, for example, you can also enjoy rock psychdlique fawn and is a dan echo plutt well.


I have over 6 months, I like a lot to report quality-price, the sound it makes is plutt inspiring (although SR should not argue that the chos band but unless you use the delay on an entire directory, not worth the investment cot)
the only thing wrong with this pedals is the cheap quality TRS connectors and knobs.
if you buy used, and if a request vrifier going around 50 or 60 euros, well worth a visit for an occasional use of delay.
Now in hindsight and because I start thinking scne, I do not think I Rasht the pedals because it is enough that someone steps on or touches the jack and the power supply it's over.
as it says Premire pedals and play home at good prices, it plutt well.