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Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Jr.
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l.Alias l.Alias

«  Simple, perfect and effective! »

Publié le 06/04/14 à 10:02
It is therefore a delay pedal, the simplified and smaller version of their Memory Lane!
(I V2)
Here's a translation of their own description of the pedal:
"The Memory Lane Jr is a digital evolution of our original Memory Lane concept, the world's first analog delay with tap tempo."
I do not really know what that means, but you just remember that it's cool!


Very simple:

IN-a right, a left side OUT (his only "fault" for me! ... At the back it would have been fantastic!)

To the possibility of plugging back in 9VDC, if a 9v battery inside

-A switche ON / OFF left (True Bypass buffer choice or through a switch inside) and a TAP TEMPO / DOUBLE right (which clamps to enter the tempo, and if left pressed, doubling the tempo!)

-4 Knobs: a "DLY" (delay), a "MOD", a "FBK" (feedback), and a "MIX"
the "DLY" greenhouse manually adjust the delay between 16 and 1200 milliseconds. (Also adjustable by TAP)
for the "MOD" I do not quite understand its usefulness, then here is a translation of the manual: MOD button determines the depth of the effect of modulation applied to the delay repeats. Control of needles increases the effect of modulation. When you set this command to disable the minimum modulation.
the "FBK" emissions to set the number of rehearsals
and "MIX" greenhouse adjust the amount of effect in the mix!

There is also a small button switche, this is a vague translation of their book:
- "This switch allows you to switch the choice of three different subdivisions of the tap tempo function over a particular time each subdivision is indicated by a different color.

Green-What you type is what you get mode. The interval between doses is equal to the delay time. (Weird translation)

Orange-dotted eighth notes mode. By tapping the desired tempo pace will result echoes resound dotted rhythm of the note 8.

Red-fashion triplet quarter notes. By tapping the desired tempo pace will result in a triplet rhythm quarter of Note (3 replicates per beat). DBL fashion in the result will be the eighth triplets.

* Note that it is possible to set the timeout for a particular tempo and then scroll through the different subdivisions. Memory Lane Jr recalculate the delay time "on the fly". It is not necessary to re-tap the tempo.

RED / GREEN Flashing time-continuous variable delay. In this mode, varying the delay time using the TEMPO button or tap tempo will result in the classic land of its common bending analog delays for some very interesting effects. Hold down the TAP pedal until the LED turns red left will halve the delay time and shift the pitch of the current reps down an octave. Hold the pedal again to reverse to double the delay time and shifting the pitch rehearsals running up an octave. Note that the delay time in this mode is limited to 600ms. "

Here's the link of the manual, which is in English ...:


Bin for sound quality there is not much to say, except that it is perfect, transparent and great music!
If you ask me questions I will gladly add the answer on the advice!


5 months ago on my board I'm really happy!

Before I had a BOSS DD-7 (I think) and the famous Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay, Diamond is their vastly superior in sound quality transparency and musicality!
She has a lot less "option" that the Empress, but I chose for that, I did not need all the possibilities!
And compared to the BOSS is really simple to use! (BOSS was torture to master, from my vague memories far!)

I love the sound quality, ease of jobs, and his musicality non-standard!
I do not like the location of the input and output jack, they were much better at the back ...

For the price / quality, bin is absolutely good, made hands (if I'm not mistaken!) In Canada, with top hats ranges components! It is robust, and very beautiful ah!

I put a picture of my board (provisional), or you see why it irritates me the jack's side ...!

And yes, with the experience I would choose again, I would add that I think even contact Diamond to see if it is feasible to put the jack's rear!
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