Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Jr.
Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Jr.

Memory Lane Jr., Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Diamond Pedals.

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denied 05/02/2011

Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Jr. : denied's user review

« Top notch player's delay »

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- Controls for Delay speed, modulation, feedback, and mix/delay volume

- nonlatching switch for quarter notes, dotted eighth notes, and triplets

- True bypass

- A full 1200 ms of delay time

- Tap tempo

- Internal DIP switches for bypass/trails/parallel loop use

- Impeccable diamond construction, quality parts

- Hammond enclosure

- Powered by 9V battery or regular boss style adapter



A combination of well thought out features and ease of use. Very straightforward and usable delay.

Set your delay time using the knob or tap tempo. Holding the tap tempo switch will double the delay time. Modulation is dialed in via a single switch, foolproof.

The delay mode can be a little confusing, but is really very straightforward once you wrap your head around it. The switch is springloaded, not latching. Tap it up, and you are in dotted 8th note mode, switch it up again and you are in triple land. This makes it very easy to scroll between the functions with your foot, so you don't have to bend down and adjust switched. Both LEDS will blink green, orange, or red to indicate what mode you are in. Again, foolproof.

The manual comes with the pedal and is also available off the diamond website.


I switched from a full blow Memory Lane 2 to this guy. Sound crazy? Yes, cost had something to do with it. But the ML Jr. gets very close to the sound of the ML2 for have the price, and with a lot of upgrades.

The repeats have more definition and consistency. They don't crumble in quite the same way as true bucket brigade. It makes the pedal a lot less mushy and a fantastic option for live use.

The increased delay time (1200 ms!!!) is a godsend. I'll be honest, while I loved th sound of the ML2, 550ms was a little restricting at times. Here I can tap away comfortable that I won't hit that wall. It can also be set up for pretty long feedback times and maintain clarity.

The modulation is fantastic, and it can still be sent into warbly oscillation with the mod and feedback knobs all the way up. However, it will not run away from you or try to eat your hearing.


I've used and owned quite a few delay pedals. I'm pretty sure that this one will be on my live board for quite a while. It is the perfect combination of digital features and clarity with analog voiced tone. Very thrilled with this one. And as always with Diamond, top notch construction and quality, I have no concerns about the reliability of this one.