EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master
EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master

Dispatch Master, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from EarthQuaker Devices.

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drapeau_rouge 04/15/2014

EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master : drapeau_rouge's user review

«  Versatility, quality, simplicity »

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Dispatch Master is a pedal delay / reverb fully analog where it is possible to mix the two types of effects or only have the delay or reverb.

Entirely true-bypass, it has 4 knobs:
Time: Adjusts the delay time of the delay, from 0 to 1 ½ seconds
Repeats: Controls the number of repetition of the delay or when the reverb is turned on, the depth of the reverb.
Reverb: Adjusts the level of reverb. Set at a minimum, the reverb does not work.
Mix: level between the treated and untreated signal by the effect.
The case is solid, the switch and knobs also, screen is nice ... Anyway, the Earthquaker Devices in all its splendor.

Note that the supply must be compulsorily insured by an external power adapter since the Dispatch Master not consume a lot of milliamperes, 60 mA to be precise. Shame ...


The general configuration is fairly simple despite some precautions to be taken to distinguish the use of reverb using delay.


The effects obtained are very very clean in the sense that it does not bleed, it does not stain and it does not degrade the signal by adding oscillations or otherwise. Dispatch Master is just simply repeat the sound as it comes and that's exactly what I wanted.
With 1 ½ seconds maximum delay, the delays can be really long. Playing on the number of repetitions, we realize that the Dispatch Master has a certain advantage: no risk of feedback by setting their maximum repetitions through the dedicated knob. The sound will be repeated for about 30 seconds separately before gradually disappearing.
The reverb of "Hall" type can be very massive and ultra-cavernous but also knows how to be discreet.
The combination of the two effects is really thinking, the sublime reverb delay unless it is the opposite ...!
In quibble a bit, we regret the presence of slight background noise when the amplifier is saturated and all the knobs are up, but you will already be at the bottom of the cave with 1.5 seconds of delay and so should not have to use this kind of setting too often ...


This is a great pedal delay / reverb for that looking for a reverb and / or delay without headaches with true repetitions.
I had several delay but I sold all: Maxon AD-999, TC Electronic Nova Delay, Line 6 Echo Park. So I kept my Dispatch Master for the modern side and my Echorec in a vintage record.
The price is quite high but the Dispatch Master finally contains two pedals in one. An excellent choice for those looking for quality, simplicity and modernity.
Damage to the lack of choice to power the pedal and it will be essential to invest in a dedicated external power supply. A great product though!