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eferalgant 12/19/2006

Line 6 Echo Park : eferalgant's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Delay pedal that exudes solidity!


- The use of the pedal is very simple
- The very clear manual (it even has examples settings)
- A little hard to snap at the beginning (you must press slightly to change the tempo of the delay, and press thoroughly to cut or snap the effect)


So first of all I have this pedal branch between my guitar (ltd F400) and my amp (peavey ultra +) and I have and totally of, delay n 'was no relief, dull, he was drowned by the other instruments by repeating ... more even when the effect was shot was heard even when the tempo of the delay ... in short the disaster ...
I have then branch the pedal in my effects loop and nothing to do! the sound is great! perfect for solos has satriani etc ... in fact I 'loved the delay on my pod pro and I have finally retrouv on the sound of my head, in short, I was hooked!
there 's no breath, no noise, the only defect which can gener is that the volume increases slightly when it engages the effect but since I use on solos and lead parts that n' not really annoying (Therefore it makes almost boost office to bring out the solos). I put 9 because of this little problem.


I use it for 1 month, I have to pay 99 euros a promo with the provided AC adapter, as saying that that price for the nine qualitprix the report is excellent!
I does not, however, have used other models to compare the one hand becaufe I 'really loved the delay resulting from the pod and secondly because I am fallen on a good promo, but I do not see that another Delay pedal can bring better! (Apart from the problem of volume increases some)