MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from MXR.

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All user reviews for the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 38 reviews )
 27 reviews71 %
 10 reviews26 %
 1 user review3 %
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swmcv2007's review

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
This is an analog delay. This means the guitar tone in unaffected whether the pedal is on or off. This really only is a delay, but considering how versatile and warm sounding it is, it's all you want. It does have a switch with 2 internal pots that applies a chorus effect to only the delay but its only noticeable if turned up all the way (which never sounds good with chorus's) or in the studio. I gave it a 10 because all I wanted was a simple powerful and warm delay and I got that.


The setup to this baby is very simple. You have the Rate, which is the amount of times the delay repeats. Then you have the Mix, which is just how loud the delay is. The last knob is the delay, which controls the time between delay. There is also a button with its own LED light that allows you to add delay onto only the delay. There are 2 internal pots you can turn that affect the speed and modulation of the chorus as well. All of this is very easy to use, as all MXR products are, and its fun, which is the most important.

I give this delay 10 for use because you can really do anything despite the simplicity. Great quality.


The delay on this pedal is great. It's so warm, which is rare among delay these days, and its a breeze to get any sound you want. You use it lightly in place of reverb, Pink Floyd delay tones, or add in a wah-wah for the lead in Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. With a little tweaking you can easily get a great delay for you. If you let the delay ring and spin the Delay knob, you can hear the sound modulate and it sounds authentic and real cool. I use mine with my Gibson SG Standard, an MXR Distortion III, my custom made Fuzz pedal, a Dunlop Cry Baby, and an Electro-Harmonix Small Stone through a Fender Blues Deluxe and I love it.

Thats why I'm giving this a 10 for sound too. Of course if you're buying this pedal then you really care about sound. Other delay have more features but they are all clicky and get old quickly.


I've had this delay since the beginning of summer and I can't get enough of it. I love how warm and authentic the sound is, as well as the easy to use configuration. It's a little pricey at $179.99 but you if you are a serious musician than this is a worthwhile investment. I consider every dollar well spent. I love that when you turn the mix up all the way, it's exactly as loud as the dry signal. I tried a few delays before this, a Digitech, a Tech 21, but none of them sounded as good as the Carbon Copy. The only complaint/suggestion is to shell out the extra 10 bucks for an adapter right away because this thing eats batteries weekly. If I lost mine, I would do whatever I could to get another. This is a great delay pedal. Thats why I give it another 10.
Audiofanzine FR12/10/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
(Originally written by psyskunk/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Which effects or effect types are available?

Analog delay and a slight modulation (that resembles vaguely the sound of a tape echo. It's actually far from a tape echo but the effect is nice

- Which technology is used? Analog with true bypass

- Is it possible to edit them? Via a Mac/PC editor? No

- Connections? 1/4" jacks plus PSU connector (9 volts).

- Is it a rack-mountable? No


- Is it easy to make settings?

Very easy there are only three controls: mix, regen and delay. It couldn't be easier

- Is it easy to edit sounds or effects? Yes!

- Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive? You only get a small sheet of paper with only two setting examples (but the possibilities aren't endless).

I give it a 9 because of the user's manual: it could have two setting examples more.


- Are the effects effective, do they suit your application, do they sound real enough? I had never tried an analog delay before and I was disappointed by digital delays (like Boss' DD). The first time I switched it on I was impressed! What a sound coming from such a small box! (compared to the size of a vintage tape echo, it's surprising :p)...

With which instruments do you use them? Guitar only

- Which sounds do you prefer / hate? The sound is exceptional but buy a dedicated PSU if you don't want to get an unpleasant hiss


- How long have you been using it? Two weeks

- Which feature do you like the most / the least? Awesome sound but a bit too unique to be used as a delay during solos with distortion because it kind of darkens the notes.

- Did you try any other models before buying it? A DD3 and the digital delays in the Boss ME50 and GT6

- How would you rate its value for money? I don't regret my purchase

- Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? Without hesitation!!!
Linn Sondek11/30/2014

Linn Sondek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but ..."

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Here is the MXR analog delay. The only delay also brand now.
A single acting externally with 3 knobs: the classical "level", "time" and "repetition". A tiny button to activate a chorus, adjustable itself but inside of the pedal, so after removal by a tiny slightly toothed wheel.
No tap tempo here.


Easy to adjust, apart from the chorus since it is necessary to access the inside of the pedal to adjust the level of modulation. The manual is ultimately necessary to indicate the presence of internal setting.
The construction is, as always with MXR, perfect and robust.


This is where the effect does not really suit me. Consider the fact that the highs are really "puffs" of the effect and its clear is, to my taste, a major fault. In addition, the rehearsals are very poorly defined and lack of accuracy quickly becomes tiresome. The sound repetitions takes a rather cheap look and is often limited to a kind of "plop, plop, plop," crushed, which can not satisfy. It is unthinkable to fuel pedal 9v battery because it is absolutely necessary for him to receive a real tension 9v, is a battery only allows very little time; investing in an external power quality is mandatory.
This pedal will satisfy me with low settings to slightly inflate his solo, she becomes akin to a more reverb than a delay.


I have kept so little time that Carbon Copy that in no way satisfied me and yet I'm a fan of MXR effects. At first, I found this fantastic pedal but it lasted only a short time; I quickly went to the obvious defects sas ... I then opted for a Boss DD7 has the merit of clarity and precision of the effect, and even if it is' digital effect, some heat in the preset "analog" I find really successful.
In the end, the price / quality ratio is not good and I certainly do not do it again this choice.

SmokingBirds's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love everything !!"

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Analog Delay pedal produced by MXR. Three knobs, a regen to repeat the effect, delay for feedack and mix to assay the effect on the signal. Add to it a little mod called button is used to color advantage of the effect.
9V battery or plug, jack in the guitar out for, what the basic stuff.
Voia what's characteristics, basic but in the end what more?
it's more Mxr, the case is solid and there is a more beautiful painting with glitter highlights, it's nice it changes a little.


Configuration is simple, easy super simple arch itself. All sounds good to me, for what you want to do.
No need to book, it seems to me that there is no elsewhere.
Editing sounds is as simple as the general configuration.


my current config is this one, Marshall JTM45 RI, connected with a US Start (set gilmourish tornado that kills ms), and a Les Paul Standard Faded (set 59 Paf MS Tornado, which kills the same). My old config was the same except that I played on Orange Rocker 30.
The effect himself now, he is warm, round, slightly fat. We can have fun playing with the delay and regen to make trippy sound effects. In terms of sound, he has his own personality, it is not transparent, and personal this is why I chose it, but it sounds very musical way, and colors the sound for him give a psychedelic side, it goes fast in years or Lucy in the Sky with Diamond was a way of life.
For me it is top pti delay.


I use the carbon copy for several years. I changed a lot of times stuff, and this is the only pedal that remains, and will remain until the time that it makes the soul. I ask for nothing else than to a delay far from me in fantastic countered and this pedal does it wonderfully. I had a boss DD3, which was nice, but very cold, I had the opportunity to hear the maxon ad10, which is fine, but the carbon copy to this little trick that makes it i like it that.
The quality is very good, for better, you need to type in large machines, and price level it stings badly. There was a corner of psychedelia for not too expensive, for this is the top.
I would definitely do it again this choice if I had to do it again.

n1c094's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Just great"

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
An analog delay mxr old as the world. David Gilmour used it already, is to say ...
Demand supply by transformer or battery 9V choice. I never use batteries with my stuff, too risky for my taste.
Otherwise very small format, standard wall. Nothing to say


3 knobs: mix, delay, regen. As we might expect the first affects the volume of repetitions by making the delay more or less now, "delay" button to the time interval between repetitions and "regen" the number of repetitions.
The switch mod adds a pretty nice chorus effect but is devilishly chi *** to activate if we do not ask leave of three months in advance. That said a practical aspect it is the only thing I have to say about this.


It's very very good, especially for someone like me who does not want to bother with a digital delay with buttons everywhere, tap tempo, stereo mode, repeat 5/8, 7/8, 9/13 , coffee, cigarette lighter, GPS.
According to someone who really wants a sharp and precise effect is not at all what it takes because at least have a carbon copy per song is unmanageable. It will instead turn to the eventide or other gas plant to which I do not even dare to approach for fear of an anxiety attack.
This is intended to create an atmosphere on a solo, or providing feedback which really throws death.


I for 6 months and I told myself it deserved one more page in his posterity :)
Buy ladies and gentlemen, this is good.
Then you can always say that it's € 160 over € 50 button but there is another key problem ...
V old man on the hill12/21/2013

V old man on the hill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Control freak."

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Analog delay using the bucket-brigade method chaining offset by a segmented produces a very musical delay. It is not an emulation of a tape delay a.
A green and black paint sparkle decorates the classic MXR frame with three phosphorescent potentiometer. I'm not a fan of the blinding blue LEDs. Current consumption 26 mA 9v.


Configure a delay request a time for reflection and listening. As to find the optimum setting must spend time as a pedal for three knobs to the matron offers a wealth of opportunity to 600ms.
Regen: the repetition rates
Delay: the size of the delay
Mix: the balance between neutral signal and signal affected by the effect
Mod: a small button that activates a mini vibrato
Settings require time and manual was of no help. But the position in your chaining effects reveals himself crucial. For use in clean, bass, in effect a guitar amp in an amp that crunch, wedged between a drive and a distortion or when the loop inside a loop in effect DEDICATED the delays, reverbs and loopers. The M169 is available with intelligence, because improper placement greatly affects its possibilities.


There are more colorful and warm analog delays but they are more blurred. There is much more precise but cold digital delays.
The Carbon Copy is accurate without being cold, it allows staining inside a solo, for example, while maintaining control. Ever drowned, your Son is enhanced and magnified with the "american touch" typical MXR home.
But here the point of excess, it remains in control.
Petiti the Mod button use to me because I've never found there to improvement.


The M169 is an analog delay wise. This is the reasonable choice between warmth and precision. It will integrate in a thoughtful and accomplished effects configuration. Chaining effects is a complex and empirical science, MXR pedals often cause mini earthquakes inside the pedalboard.

tarz200tdi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An excellent time to who loves hot and velvety ..."

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Everything has already been said

It is a MXR: it is both robust veeeeeery but rather "soft" in operation (stompswitch is quite smooth and quiet, turn the knobs in butter etc ...). Personally I am quite a fan, but it is only my opinion

I bought it to complete my rig "natural" pedal (Boss TU2 MXR Noise Clamp + + + Amt SS11 EHX stereo electric mistress carbon copy + + + cabinet EHX 44 magnum). The carbon copy is connected after the mistress in the loop of the AMT

I next simulated rig (POD HD + EHX 44 magnum + cabinet) acting B-Rig


again no big news in my remarks from other reviews, but still two highlights:

> Why MXR puts its power supply on the side? In a pedalboard a little full, it is quite complicated ... So much so in my case I am forced to disconnect in when the pedal board is at rest
> Too bad Inrush modulation is not possible to walk also ... Especially that little chorus is really nice (I'll post)
> Thanks be given to the one who put here a trick with visual cues for setting the time ... It is clear that with the current gear that tends to systematize the tap tempo, find a pedal that adjusts "old" and no scaling takes a little time to start ... No annoying in the studio or repeat, for against, live between a resumption of Pink Floyd and U2 can have time to panic: D


This touches the very large gain on this pedal ...

So far, my only experience with the time / echo were:
> An Ibanez DE7 ... Anything and everything has been written about this pedal, especially here. For me it was fair for the price no more, but with true versatility
> A POD 2.0, then two POD HD so I was a little afraid of the grain within the pod 2.0, both the time and echoes the POD HD is compelling.

I was looking for something warm and natural, although my use of time is rather wide (from rockabilly to short echo time a little long on the metal solo, to use "pseudo (but really pseudo-huh) gilmourien" .

Suffice to say that the beast completely meets expectations .... While the max relatively short period prohibits beckien violoning but other than that the pedal can do everything strictly, from the music to the most noisy. The common denominator is the stamp, rather lighter than other analog delays (I have long hesitated with EHX memory boy), but warm at all times.

The little chorus is pretty nice ... more at the beginning I was using little but it goes I find it uses.



A very hot and always musical time ... This is the main argument of the pedal, but it is a strong argument!

For me the best time in this format ... Guitarists more "alternative" may, however, prefer her memory boy, I found less ... for once indomitable

To conclude: not about to leave my pedal board!

I will complete my opinion after testing the pedal in front of a good clean amp ... I will draw upon the DV Mark Galileo my fellow guitarist with a "linear" chaining (guitar => distortion => modulation => time => in the amp), seen as the grain, I suspect this little MXR VERY well to walk like that too.

chessou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it goes straight to the point!"

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
A simple and efficient pedal with 3 knobs external mix / delay / Redge, so the effect of volume, length of delay and number of repetitions.
A manual pushbutton to activate a small effect of modulation chorus typed with two internal adjustment knobs to change the width and speed.

The pedal is very well finished, it is very sturdy, the knobs are in good order, no cracks and the switch works perfectly well.

The pedal is true bypass.

Power is on the side ...


The configuration of the delay could not be easier with only three knobs, it is a pedal that goes straight to the point. Not delay the extension that are never used, no stereo or other wacky gadget also useless, it is a analog delay pedal point bar, and it's good, it's all being asked!

She intuitively rule allows a delay of 600ms max, it therefore uses 100% and there is a delay that sticks two stroke spoon pots.

The effect of modulation is very friendly and provides color even if it falls short of the quality of a dedicated chorus. The latter is a little more complex to pay. We must put the regen to 0 or very little and mix up the volume to hear the good effect without putting too much, do not put the delay to 0 if the effect is absent in short, we must find the point equilibrium. It addresses the failure of the coup that great pedal (hence my rating of 8 only) is the adjustment of the internal modulation (HELL!) which is effective but requires opening the beast. The two small knobs that turn by hand (there is a small notch) or screwdriver. What a pity really wanted MXR here to save space and cost of two knobs. One can understand but put two small holes on the side of the pedal for example to change the screwdriver potentiometer these two would not have asked the colossal resources and would not change much if it is to make a pedal fatal. At € 150 it's disappointing.

Obviously a classic in the defects, the power plug on the side ....... someone might finish by telling them that it's just ch *** and that is not why we PSU will buy their overpriced??? Eh? It adds a garland and then it's all so stop you doing to Apple and let us pedal to the top!

Proponents of all-digital spend their way here because it provides the preset so no, no delay in the extension and no tap tempo. This is analog and must be aware to avoid purchasing missed. As often is sought by the analog sound at the expense of possible settings and use.


Then I think everything has already been said, it is beautiful, it is clear and flawless, it's natural!

The long delay and present a good solo with distortion, delay at all qualified to David Gilmour on a solo fenderien was all it is completely opposite of the cold digital.

Do not hesitate to lower the level of the effect if we find that it gives too much color to the sound for this delay is discreet and that all research is somewhat overused on any partitions.

For my part I conquered.


I recently started using and sound it delivers is incomparable with the delay that I had on my Boss ME30 multi effects.

What I like most about this delay is that the sound quality and settings very intuitive and very simple to find the delay almost instantly.

What I like least is the internal adjustment of small modulation effect. At this price access to the side at least would have extended the possibilities sound of the beast.

The value for money is good, a boss DD3 cost the same price, it would have been great if access to internal settings was easier.

I would do this choice without hesitation, I did not serve my digital delay, now that I have this pedal I use it all the time and thanks to the intuitive side of the knob settings.
This pedal is a favorite, you have to try before buying and be aware that you buy a analog pedal and can not just ask him extraordinary feats offered by a digital pedal.
Samuel 6215002/08/2013

Samuel 62150's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Go for it!"

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
3 Delay pedal settings button + Mod.
9V power supply


Very simple with only 3 knobs but nonetheless highly effective.


Great, this is THE perfect reproduction of the signal sent entered. Good color for solos is what it takes.


Used for 6 months, this is by buying this pedal I fell in love with the brand. I use it mostly for my solos, a good distortion lead + the carbon copy, we would really Dave Navarro and when adding the wah cry baby it is all Dave Navarro.
The price may seem a little high but that price was no better.
AT level setting that is exactly what I wanted. I hate pedals with 50 buttons. Here we find her easily Delay.
I use it with a Strat Blacktop on an amp VOX Vox AC50CPH + Cab '78 412 with an MXR Disto + a Cry Baby Wah JC95. A real treat.

Go for it!

Haarp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An incredibly good but limited utlilisation"

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Analog delay. The delay is editable via Regen (which regulates the number of repetitions), Mix (which mix level of the effect) and delay (the time it will delay to repeat the sound)

the only pb I meet with this pedal is that I need to be able to store several pre adjustable delay and to use the Tap Tempo. On it is limited .. MXR damage that does not leave the same pedal with a tap tempo (but maybe that was not possible with analog?) And storages presetting possible in the spirit of the Line 6 DL4 or TC Flashback ELectronic X4


Very simple to use


The cream of the crop! lime and soft sound, a bypass exception!


Level sound quality and use is for me the best pedal

level versatility is limited but it depends on the use of each.