MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from MXR.

Captain Danny 05/11/2012

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay : Captain Danny's user review

" The best for bass"

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Analog Delay pedal with a switch from mode to add a little pitch swifting. True Bypass.

Effects non-editable, non-pedal rack.

A jack input, output and power supply grafted. One would have wanted two outputs for a stereo effect, but good.


Configuation very simple with a knob "Regen" to adjust the number of repetitions of delay, a knob of "Mix" to manage the volume of repeated notes, a knob "Delay" to manage the time after which the pedal reproduces the original signal ( from 200 to 600ms). Trimpot inside the pedal to adjust the pitch shifter mod, we would have liked it more able to adjust easily to change more leisurely but good.

The manual is brief but it is far from needing a pad to control the beast, one is easily his sound.


Delay absolutely beautiful, very organic and warm, creating a dimension to his room approximating a reverb. The mod adds to my sense of the atmosphere plannante the pedal creates.

I use it on guitar and I confess I would Sometimes it sounds more sharp and violent, but this is not the purpose of this analog delay-type tape delay so I forgive him greatly.
On bass, this is the best delay I've heard so far, it reproduces perfectly all that he sends, including my If serious. A cautionary note: If serious about this, when Regeneration is too far it throws me a nasty bass loop and repeats the note to infinity as a sound retainer but delay release. It is very unpleasant but I forgive him too because I never grows beyond the regen half.


I use it for one year.

I tried before Delays of Behringer, Line 6 Echo Park Boss DD and 7, to use the low is far ahead (heat, lightly soiled certain roundness and particularly adapted to the instrument). To use a guitar, say that here there is a choice based on what we want as delay type, but for warm analog tape type, it's just the best.

I think it will be understood, what I like here is his warm and organic sound, what I like not, bah it's really the micro detail so it is not worth re -written.

The pedal is a little Chero is the price for any delay of this quality anyway, but at value for money was still widely seen better!

I would do this choice if I had brought.