MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from MXR.

tjon901 05/30/2011

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay : tjon901's user review

« A benchmark delay pedal »

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MXR is one of the most popular guitar effects makers on the market. That being said they are not really known for their delay pedals. In fact they did not make one for nearly two decades until this one came out. The MXR Carbon Copy delay pedal is modern analog delay pedal. The pedal comes in a subtle green case. It can be powered by an AC adapter or a single nine volt battery. It features a true bypass circuit to it wont color your tone when it isnt on. It has 3 knobs. It has a Regen knob a Mix knob and a Delay knob. It has a tiny button near the top labeled mod. This button when switched on adds a little tremolo effect to the delay sound. The level of tremolo effect can only be adjusted internally. It has two LED lights one indicating when the delay is switched on and the other indicating when the mod button is switched on.


The MXR Carbon Copy has 3 knobs and one button. The first knob is the Regen knob. This knob controls the number of repeats you will get with your delay sound. The second knob is the Mix knob. The Mix knob controls the saturation of the delay effect. If the Mix knob is cranked the delay sound will be as loud as the guitars real sound. The third knob is the Delay knob. This knob controls how long a time period you will get between delay pulses. This pedal offers up to a 600ms delay. This is not much by todays standards but it is much more than any real analog delay pedal will give you. If you want more delay you should consider getting a rack unit. The mod button adds an extra tremolo effect to the sound. There is knob external knob for adjusting this effect. To adjust this effect you have to open the pedal up and adjust it from the inside.


This is your typical analog delay. It does not exactly replicate your sound. Analog delays usually play back a darker version of the original sound. This makes the sound pretty cool but may not be right for some people. Using the mod button to add a tremolo effect to the sound is also cool. The tremolo effect adds an extra layer to your sound and adds more versatility to the pedal. The pedal is useful if you are looking for a short pulse delay sound.


Everyone should have a delay pedal. Not only for the delay effect but for the unique tone it can give to your sound. A delay pedal can instantly thicken up your sound and give you more layers to your tone. The MXR Carbon Copy is a good simple analog delay with an extra added twist. If you are looking for a good analog delay this could be your choice.