MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from MXR.

iamqman 07/01/2011

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay : iamqman's user review

« Just amazing! »

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There are so many delay pedals out there that claim to have the goods. Many of them get hyped up and then when the dust clears then people start the realize that is wasn't that great. I'm a big delay guy from digital to reverse to analog. I love the delay effect that can be achieve in rock n roll music. I have played a lot of delay units that are fantastic and then there are the elite delay pedals. The MXR Carbon Copy is an elite delay pedal. No matter how you push this pedal it will sound great for you.

Carbon Copy Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

* Analog audio path
* Extremely compact
* 600ms delay time
* Controls: Mod switch, Delay time, Mix, Regen
* True hard-wire bypass
* 9-volt operation
* Blue LEDs


This pedal sounds great in front of a clean amp, in front of a dirty amp, and amazing in the effects loop if you got one. This pedal is about the same size as a Phase 90 pedal. The Mix adds wet/dry to the tone, while the Regen controls the effect repeats,, and the Delay Time is the delay time. It has the mod switch that allows you to add an extra bit of color to our tone. It also has switch inside that allow you to pinpoint the range you want your modulation to float around. There is quiet a bit of options with controlling this unit while being very compact.


The sound of this unit is awesome. One of the best delay pedal on the market. I love the way the delay tone sits right in there with your guitar string attack. It doesn't jump ahead and it doesn't fall behind. It especially sound very good in front of an overdriven amp which a lot of delays pedal won't do. I prefer this pedal to sit right in the effects loop for easily operation.

The way I have used this pedal in the past was with a Peavey Blues amp and a MXR OD pedal and a Strat. I got some good classic rock tones that were very lead and smooth like. Great for rhythm and lead tones. Dial this pedal all the way up to get long delays customary of Pink Floyd delays or dial the regen down for some slap back delay times.


I gave this unit a great because I wish it was true bypass. It seems MXR picks and chooses which pedal are going to have it. MXR says this pedal is true hardwired which I am still trying to figure out what that means. If it is the same as true bypass then sweet. So that kind of bugs me that they would do that, but hey you can always get it modified. The pedal sounds so good in all situations. It fills in the gap very well in a live situation and adds a great tonal range to carry your guitar tone from one transition to another.

I would recommend this pedal to any gigging guitar player in need of a little delay warmth to add to your signal. It comes in new at around $150 which is a great price for a delay unit.