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New Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay pedal

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Strymon DIG
News Strymon DIG

Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Strymon

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Strymon unveils a new effect pedal for guitar featuring two simutaneous delays from the 80s and today.

The new Strymon DIG employs a digital circuit with a choice of three switchable types of effect: one high resolution modern delay called 24/96, an ADM (Adaptive Delta Modulation) mode and 12-bit Pulse Code Modulation from the 80s.

These modes are combined with different controls and two simultaneous delays that allow for create a wide variety of effects, from simultaneous echoes to hypnotic, syncopated, spatial effects and more.

Three configurations are available for the delays: series with one delay feeding the other ; parallel with delay 1 in the left channel and delay 2 in the right one ; and Ping Pong mode in which each delay acts like a ping pong effect and interacts with each other.

A Free mode allows for disabling the sync and time sub-divisions between the two delays, and the second time control has a time range from 20ms to 1.6s. Another Circular Repeats mode can be activated by holding the Tap footswitch ; in this case, the delay lines keep a static volume and repeat continuously until you release the Tap.


  • 2 simultaneous delay effects
  • 3 types of effects: 24/96, adm and 12-bit
  • 24-bit / 96 kHz AD/DA converters
  • Analog dry path
  • 32-bit floating point processing
  • 5 knobs: Time, Time 2, Mix, Mix and Repeats with “hidden” Delay 1 Subdivision, Sync/Free Mode, Filter, Config and Delay 2 Repeats features
  • 5 rhythmic sub-divisions
  • 3 types of modulation for the delay lines: Off, Light and Deep
  • Delay times: 20ms – 1.6s or 40ms – 3.2s with Delay 1 Half Note sub-division
  • Stereo TRS input and output
  • 3 signal routings: series, parallel and ping pong
  • Input for expression, tap or favorite switch pedal
  • True bypass with relay switch
  • Trails mode with analog buffered bypass
  • 9V power supply operation
  • Manufactured in the USA

The Strymon DIG can be pre-ordered for $299, shipping date expected is May 26th. More info at www.strymon.net.






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