harrylefrigo 12/19/2013

T-Rex Engineering Replica : harrylefrigo's user review


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Digital Delay pedal Simulatrion Echo tape,
Tap Tempo
MIDI Clock Sync
12V (this is the only fault I find with this pedal is my only pedal 12v and therefore I need a transformer specially for her)


I just flew over the manual, it is clear enough, but I soon preferred to turn the knobs and have fun ... we realize quickly the quality of delay effects!
I've never used midi sync.


I used this for a long delay on the vocals, and now two years on an acoustic guitar.
In my humble opinion the effects are absolutely wonderful as the song on the guitar! it has a very realistic sound tape echo. It's simple I have this pedal for a long time now and this is my favorite pedal that makes me never fail!

The song that brings a pretty terrible extent, I used a metal-electro group and it was frankly perfect. I also loved this training create psychedelic effects directly by putting the repeater back and tempo at least ... it gives a kind of climb ... an incredible thing that up and coming and he must quickly cut the risk of dying pregnant and toughest eardrums.

I now use an electronic guitar with nylon and other pedals on my pedalboard (overdrive preamp and looper), again it is perfect! very warm.


It takes a little time to adapt to master tap tempo. You should know you need to type three times, if you type 4 it tends to shift.
- I do not think the "Brown" button is very obvious it is supposed to do more "vintage" sound ... but frankly the difference is not huge. I do not care that this button is pressed or not the sound is terrible.
- I have the old version of the pedal, with a small push button for "Brown" and "subdivision" ... It's not terrible because it's hard to see if these little button are pressed or not. In the new version they changed for small switches vintage look and are probably much more convenient. There's also a new button on the side I feel ... I do not know what it is.
I use it for may be ten years, This is a pedal that I paid quite expensive but I do not regret this investment. It was the first delay pedal, I've never tried other before. If I had to do I do it again this choice without hesitation.