Yvan_P 02/15/2012

T-Rex Engineering Replica : Yvan_P's user review

" A pedal in his rack"

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Digital delay
most: overall gain - tap tempo - delay-period return
and stereo outputs


tap tempo settings and relatively affluent.
I tried and had in my possession several Aria AD10 delay with a dual delay which was excellent but this is the class above it is on the high end


quality is the
There is a switch to progressive attenuation of acute
This is a digital pedal after the site of t-rex that sounds analog.
For certain aspect it reminds me of the sound we was getting with the kind roland echo tape re re 201 501: the presence of a natural echo that does not tire of rehearsing and variables

The small stuff and more is that there is a kind of double echo pedal in this subdivision with the button as the name suggests we get notes with intervals of 1/4 to 1/8 triplets. (This is not obvious but it's subtle)


Excelente pedal with a top quality
However it is very expensive and if you find it used please