TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay
TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay

ND-1 Nova Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the Nova series.

kaoslord 11/27/2012

TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay : kaoslord's user review

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I own version "IB modified"

several types of delays are available, my favorites are the "delay line" and "reverse", I do not really understand the usefulness of the "dynamic" and enjoy the "ping pong" and "pan" it takes a stereo amplifier .
You can save and recall 9 presets in memory, which is enough for a "normal" use


Operation is simple, but it should read the manual carefully because some settings are not obvious.

In live situation, changing presets foot is not easy, you must prepare in advance the preset you need, or else provide a mod that allows you to easily change presets (external pedal).

In addition, on mine there is a problem with the switch, sometimes they still activated, which is VERY annoying if we live in the middle of a song ...

LA Tap Tempo function works very well.

I put 6 because of the problem with the switch.


The sound quality is excellent.
Small delay of almost imperceptible in its hyperspace, you can do anything.

All the delays are great.
I found a great setting is to use the pedal to color your sound clean: with a 1 ms delay playing with the modulation (3 types) and the level of effect: with a little reverb the result is magnificent.

The reverse is also great, with the tap tempo function, try an arpeggio, the psychedelic rock!

Breath ZERO, ZERO signal loss in the effects loop of my amp.


A bit expensive to buy.
But after fiddled a bit with the settings, it is quickly rewarded. This is a quality pedal PRO.
If you love the look and effects pedal delay that can do everything, it is the nova delay you.