TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay
TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay

ND-1 Nova Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the Nova series.

ddn 11/13/2013

TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay : ddn's user review

«  Very good, but ... »

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For the characteristics of the opinion Enix49 below is pertient and sums up what this pedal can do. The excellent dynamic delay is something special that does not exist anywhere else: as you play rehearsals are discreet, they become predominant when you play less or you stop playing.
Side effects, I really regret three things:
- The maximum delay time is really short. 2200 ms does nothing to make Frippertronics.
- There is no sampler. There is a bit abused, gentlemen in TC not to propose a pedal at that price, or a long delay time (see Hardwire DL8) or a fun sampler (see EHX memory man hazarai)
- The delay time can be adjusted with a knob weird: it shortens or extension more or less depending on whether the delay time is more or less turned to the right or the left. So that the delay does not generate NO click when you change the delay time. it is nice when a period is used to make the wise wisely music by sample against which to me all the time clicks generated by sudden changes in delay time on digital delays well it bothers me.
The knobs are a bit soft and fragile in intensive use. I am a quiet but I've seen this pedal used by demons that ruined the knobs in a relatively short time. Always the same at this price is a bit abused.
The construction of the pedal is impeccable. The switches are silent and I never had a problem with.


The configuration is intuitive, well thought out and very convenient to use.
The manual is well done, says the few somewhat hidden functions including spillover and adjusting the input volume for the dynamic delay.
The tap tempo is not very accurate or easy to use, but it may be because I am using this function almost no then I have trouble with.
You can store presets, that's good, it's not very convenient to remind the fly, that's worse. I am not using this feature.


The present effects are very very good. As everyone says, the sound quality is really THE highlight of this pedal.
A real special mention for the ability to emulate a delay-type analog bucket brigade: color knob on analog, delay time to 250 ms, 100% feedback and HOPLA it self-oscillates and can even go to 100% feedback which opens bordélistiques of remarkable opportunities.
For emulating tape delay, but less excellent as close to a real one.
Reverse delay with feedback over 100% and 100% level mix that gives samplable and workable room puree the environment: Magic.
Pan delay / ping pong delay for me playing in stereo: a treat.


I've had about 4 months, I use quite, it replaces my very advantageously delay Joyo. In my current config I have two samplers and two delays and this one really complete my memory man hazarai. It self-oscillates very well. He can be very filthy and very clean. It has lots of interesting for us noisy functions.
It has two major flaws: short delay and no sampler.
For me it can not be my main delay and I think for the price TC can do much better - I had an interesting exchange on but I would not have bought the price that is used . But hey I'm not the usual user of this kind of pedal either.