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[NAMM] Vox DelayLab

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The new Vox Delaylab is designed to cover delay types from vintage to modern, in a floor mounted, four switch unit.

The Vox DelayLab is designed around a four-switch, cream coloured metal casing, with white, chicken-head style control knobs, stereo inputs and outputs.


The presets can have delay time adjusted in 1ms increments, up to a maximum time of 4 seconds. In addition to this, the unit can be used as a looper pedal, allowing stereo loops of up to 28 seconds to be created. Rather than being implemented as a separate delay type, this feature can be used in conjunction with delay effects. Presets are editable, via the five control knobs, and complex delay tones can be created.


Program Change continues remaining delay taps after the unit has been switched to bypass, or switched to another program, allowing transitions between different settings. For those who like to tweak delay parameters whilst performing, an optional expression pedal can be attached, allowing any parameter to be assigned and controlled as you play.


Key Features:

  • Thirty types of delay effects, ranging from vintage to standards to originals
  • Modelling of vintage delay effects such as analogue BBD devices and tape echo
  • Original types such as Dual Delay and Distortion Delay
  • Stereo Looping can capture up to 28 seconds; multiple variations and types
  • Combine Loop and Delay effects simultaneously
  • Thirty diverse rewritable preset programs
  • Delay time is adjustable in 1 ms steps, to a maximum of four seconds
  • Access to multiple parameters allows the creation of complex effects
  • All parameters can be controlled using an expression pedal [optional]
  • Sync Mode allows poly-rhythmic effects to be created
  • Program Change feature ensures smooth transitions
  • Bypass function with decay avoids abrupt effect cut-offs
  • 24-bit/48 kHz audio sampling rivals professional equipment
  • Diecast metal body
  • Stereo Inputs; Stereo Outputs (all 1/4")
  • Assignable Pedal Control input


Price: £227 RRP inc VAT

Availability: May/June 2012


Check out Vox for more details.

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