lolo1999 03/17/2013

Vox DelayLab : lolo1999's user review

«  I love this little marvel »

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We are therefore in the total delay from vintage to ultra modern possibilities
memorization of very simple, it is a digital pedal, but to my ears it sounds really good I have used only single so far and I am conquered, yet it seems that you gives its range once connect stereo.

I rediscovered the sound of my guitar (fender strat gretsch 5422 and "Classic 60")
does not distort the sound at all of my guitars I would say that on certain retail games it allows a clearer appreciation and sticks better to the sound of our idols on vinyl or CD.

can waste most of the innumerable delay that gives this pedal, 90% of that is usable in any style of music.

audio connectors and not editable (it does not need to for me) it fits very well in a rack, personally it is placed at the end of the loop.


Honestly it is better to read and reread the manual if you're not used to this kind of machine, certain parameter can be used to if you read this, once this is done, c ' is butter, played with for two or three hours to make and 70% of the work, the rest is working on instinct, editing is the easiest, the focus adjustment is very fine and the slightest change in the pots of the parameter setting changes a lot, fortunately, VOX provided an opportunity to further adjustment commands with "fine" that can adjust to your taste with lots of details.


I do not know what we can expect more of a delay pedal I am in my fourth and not least, it is the most realistic, complete, it sounds right.
my strat n'à nothing Perdut his little flute sound, my gretsch is still toned and palmut sound more pleasing to the ear, you can do anything in the matter of delay, need I say more.

The appearance is the strongest of all steel, it weighs 1.5 kg and a robust appearance can undoubtedly resist in time, I love the vintage side but make no mistake the coolest effects part of its range.

It's true some small embellishments are part of it but what brand does not permit .....


Here are some weeks that I use and I do pourais do without, as I said previously this is my fourth delay pedal, I love it for the fact that we can take each different delay in the case of these pedals sometimes a little can have poor records in the case of the presence of a delaylab control "fine" best fit our desires without entering into delirium.
It is true that it is a investisement by the present time, not always easy
decide whether or not, personally I do not regret my purchase especially since before I knew already bought the small box.
The price is reasonable delay seen other much worse.

My advice if I can afford it, try it with delaylab on some classic Hank Marvin shadows and you tell me the news.