raffaello 05/11/2011

Vox Time Machine : raffaello's user review

«  Very versatil delay »

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Other reviews are quite detailed: it makes everything from vintage slapback dirty clean modern long delay.


Using simple but can quickly spend time there, there are many possibilities and I have not yet fully explored. In addition to traditional settings (time, level, feedback) for a delay, Time Machine offers a tap tempo (rare in this price range!) Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi a switch, a switch and modern / vintage . From here anything is possible, the combinations are endless.


This delay does everything but mostly he does it well! Although I fear the lack of true bypass, there is frankly no breath while I have no effects loop on my amp. Basically I use it with short delay to make a kind of reverb (my amp does not), or a slapback when it comes to vintage rock, or delay longer to make arpeggios in a pop / rock (for America Razorlight's nickel).


Before I had a Rocktron Short Timer fine but limited to short delay. Rather than buying a second pedal in addition to the Vox I preferred, since it replaces all delay pedals you might need. 6 months than I and very satisfied, this pedal will always be there as a delay to do everything. In addition it is a big metal case, finished well and strong, and chicken knobs creams are very nice ^ ^ It is connected to a pedalboard with integrated power supply and it creates no noise. To summarize, a good product and not just for fans of Satriani.