Laudia 07/18/2009

Vox Time Machine : Laudia's user review


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It is a delay with tap tempo.
Features: a slecteur Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi and uncommutateur Vintage / Modern.

Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi: hi-fi, rptitions absolumentfidles are the source (it's full range as they say!) In lo-fi, there a high pass filter and low pass is applied to rptitions. The high and low frequencies are attnues. The sound is less "clean".

VINTAGE / MODERN: Modern mode is a delay while the classical numrique VINTAGE mode produces a subtle modulation distortion and a sense lgre simulate a tape delay.

Rugged mtallis a beautiful green.
1 slecteur Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi
2 outputs: DRY (no effect) and OUT

We regret the absence of:
lapossibilit to keep the tail of the cho when you put the pedals OFF.


Nothing wrong about using. It's simple and effective.
Franais well translated manual.
The red and green LEDs are visible etbien places.
The switches are sturdy enough (onen reparledans 5 years ...) but when I issue a Reserved slecteur Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi the little that I look pretty fragile. A misplaced kick could twist ....
The knobs are typs Vintage: it's beautiful but not ncessaire.


Good overall sound quality.
VINTAGE mode apporteune colorationfranchement nice. Coupled LO-FI mode, although the modulation means in addition to the rptitions the Manir a lgerflanger.
As for the modesHI-FI/LO-FI the diffrence estmoins brand. This is the kind of rglage used for recording but scne or RPET, you really have to listen (and good) for distinguerune Difference (but I may tredj deaf ... shit!)

The delay ranges are wide enough to cover all styles of play:
0 of 1000 ms with the command DELAY RANGE (by 4 levels selectable) and max delay of 6 seconds with the TAP.


This is one of delay pedals that offers tap tempo, which is unusual apprciable and ultimately on this kind of stuff that price (see also the Roland Space Echo in the Memory Man Hazaras and Echo Park Line 6, for example ...)

The Space Echo is more expensive, offers more volumineuseet despossibilits plustendues (far too many unnecessary things APRS me etqui not justified for a guitarist ... less to make exprimental ...). Ditto for the Memory Man Hazaras.
I was looking qque something simpler, more "essential".
The Echo Park did not inspire much confidence with the TAP and the ON / OFF coupled on the same switch.
In short, the TIME MACHINE has emerged as a good product, well located in terms of price and quality of the original share its possibilities, not too bulky .... and simple to operate.
The fact that it has signed JOE SATRIANI absolutely guided my choice (it could have been the signing of Zinedine Zidane or a deVANESSA PARADISdessus that would not have been more effect).
But hey, if a can motivate some, why not.
I put 8 because it is TRUE-and bypass does not keep the end of the gun when it shall adopt (or at least does not offer the possibility to do so).
And that's a shame!