Behringer Distorsion Modeler DM100
Behringer Distorsion Modeler DM100

Distorsion Modeler DM100, Distortion from Behringer.

teknomane 07/09/2013

Behringer Distorsion Modeler DM100 : teknomane's user review

«  not bad :) but on a synth ... »

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(Article purchased magazin the + close)


I Espanole but a good scratch ...

it is rather to boost the output of my synth without effects.

(See description ...)



I connect a cable jack symmetrical, the pedal is not lit.


return magazin. test ... OK!


a single bright yellow cable will do between my synth and "purpose" ..


ui gf ...

I ecouté including BOSS 1 .. 2?

bp too acute ..

I like the switch for the bass, med, and ultras': D


more gf at the moment ... I had totally use this jack from the AUDIO HEADPHONES out to in my synth ..

surprising indeed "xOOOOOx"


if you are a heavy guitar pop / rock / (at lower prices ...)

this pedal is made FOR YOU!


(The only regret ...) it lacks the "true bypass" -> pr bass / guitar elec / ca tro acouss
chain nothing

on the other hand behind the mono A left North lead, we lose altogether! fishing for this synth!

so ...

I will not put 4 * either, but as synthesist ke ...

WELL I rate this distortion pedal effect "dirty in low" with not one, not two ...


if I had to make this purchase ...

I will try to see if the same "behriner" (a V2, but still!) with true bypass, in case I do not use .. without grain loss / gain.