Boss ML-2 Metal Core
Boss ML-2 Metal Core

ML-2 Metal Core, Distortion from Boss.

GutsMiura 02/26/2013

Boss ML-2 Metal Core : GutsMiura's user review

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large distortion jenpakonten
SETTINGS acute low medium level and gain
for rack euuuuh NO IDEA ... I know nothing Rack x)
analog pedal


to learn to adjust we must first learn to know the
for indeed what she called "metalcore" but it is nevertheless very versatile so you know without going to do a cover of as i lay dying and what up with the sounds of nirvana
manual I admit to not having read


As stated above this pedal is just monstrous once taken in hand éffectuer can do almost everything with
of a large distortion overdrive bluesy crunch to even see this metalcore revealed this to be a gold mine of sounds
well understood that I prefer is finally clear and powerful sound is clearly made for big heavy Bourrain first place but tampering is getting a very powerful clear sound
I play mainly with concert and repeated with a les paul marshall stack on mg100fx


I tried this pedal for the first time as there is little pressure one years through my brother who buy as I test and it was on the stroke of foudreje am someone pretty impulsive and I'm 100milles test equipment if I can not find the material that makes me have the thunderbolt from the beginning (not that small parenthesis to take me for a chick who just tested its first pedal x) )
I absolutely love everything about this pedal is extremely versatile malgres his name "metalcore" to tell you that I played with in my punk rock
I would do this choice without ésiter