Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

boule2neige 03/07/2005

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : boule2neige's user review


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Everything said prcedemment t ...


The edition of the sounds is not easy because with the EQ can be obtained DIFFERENT sounds billions compared to another distortion pedal povre ... so look for ...

Clear manual with examples of very good sounds ...


The pedal is realistic to make small overdrives (even if this is not his first goal, it excels for its sounds ...) and make a big sound mtalleux or just hard rock .. .dropoff window

I use a Gibson SG Standard.


I've had 3-4 years ... Resale is very expensive so no loss of sub-sub to the case where it does not suit you or you're tired ...

It is a little chre anyway ... He must couplet 1 or 2 other pedals for a particular grain ...