Danelectro DJ-2 T-Bone Distortion
Danelectro DJ-2 T-Bone Distortion

DJ-2 T-Bone Distortion, Distortion from Danelectro in the DJ series.

MGR/Anonymous 07/14/2001

Danelectro DJ-2 T-Bone Distortion : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought my t-bone about 4 months ago from Riverside Music in Windsor, Ontario. I'm 14 and have been playing guitar 4 years. I save up all my money and blow it on effects, keyboards, cords, guitars etc. This pedal was probably the best purchase I've made. I have 2 pedals. The First was a Morley Distortion/wah/volume. It was a waste of money for how bad the distortion is, but i still use it for the weak wah and the volume is ok. But the T-Bone is great. It's used a lot and it was very cheap- about $50 I think

I think the pedal is great. It gets great sound for most of the stuff I play (Finger Eleven, Staind, other heavy alternative) I think it was probably the smartest music related investment I've made.

There are two bad things about the T-Bone.
1) Couldn't they have made the button any bigger?
2) This isn't a big problem, but i could use a little more distortion. Still have my morley though, so when i use both simultaneously i get a terrible sounding fuzz... but i love it.

The casing should have been a little bigger but I'm not rough with my pedals, just my guitars.

The T-Bone is great... nuff said

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