DigiTech Death Metal
DigiTech Death Metal

Death Metal, Distortion from DigiTech in the X series.

mooseherman 05/10/2011

DigiTech Death Metal : mooseherman's user review

« Not a good pedal!! »

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This is a distortion pedal made by Digitech. It has two 1/4" connections for input and output as well as an input for a 9V adaptor. This is an analog pedal and as such cannot be edited through a computer or midi controller. It is not rackable.


Using this pedal is actually irritatingly simple. There are knobs for level, low, mid, and hi. The most obvious thing about this distortion is that it's missing a gain knob, which I find very frustrating. How do you dial in a level of distortion that you want? It makes the often erroneous assumption that metal players only have or need one tone.


I really was disappointed by this. It does have a really heavy sound that can work for a few different sub-genres of metal. While I figured that it would stick to mostly heavy tones, I really didn't anticipate just how limited it was. The lack of gain knob makes it go really hard the whole time. Sure, there's a three-band EQ, and it can have a volume adjustment that gives it some wiggle room, but the fact that it's the same amount of gain the whole time is pretty ridiculous. It basically colors the sound so much that it sounds roughly the same with every guitar, though obviously a humbucker will sound better as it will cancel some of the noise. It really removes the originality from just about everybody's tone, which is something I find disheartening as a guitar player.


I would only use this pedal if I had no other options. It's probably one of the worst I've tried. It's cheap, but I guess that's for a good reason. I wouldn't use this anywhere considering I don't play metal, which I guess does make me a little bit biased. But I still doubt any self-respecting metal player wouldn't want to take control of his tone, which this pedal doesn't allow you to do. Thus I must strongly urge all of you not to buy this.