DigiTech Death Metal
DigiTech Death Metal

Death Metal, Distortion from DigiTech in the X series.

FateFelledVictim 09/30/2008

DigiTech Death Metal : FateFelledVictim's user review


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The Digitech Death Metal effect stomp box is a single distortion pedal. It is a digital pedal, which cannot be edited. It is not rackable and has audio outs.


It is a pretty simple pedal, meaning that no manual is really required. The effect editing is easy as well, just 3 simple knobs on the front let you edit the sound. I have yet to need the manual, but the diagrams are very descriptive, and make everything very simple.


The effects are good for someone looking for a simple distortion. I use it in about 4 out of 10 songs and it sounds alright. The mid control brings a little bit too much hiss and the sound of the distortion is a little bit too overdrawn. Hitting multiple strings is almost impossible to make sound good, without some form of better EQ or compression.


I have been using this product for about a year. I like the ease of use that this pedal has, making editing the effect drastically easier than some of the RP models, but the sound suffers a little and sounds slightly like it is a trash can. I tried the overdrives and Grunge pedals and this one beats the Grunge, which is horrible. The price is decent for the effect, but more expensive models sound better, such as the Boss Heavy Metal distortion. If I could make the decision again, I would probably buy the Boss pedal.