DigiTech Death Metal
DigiTech Death Metal

Death Metal, Distortion from DigiTech in the X series.

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Hammett-o-chiotte 03/03/2005

DigiTech Death Metal : Hammett-o-chiotte's user review


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- Distortion pedal "extreme"
C ******* not break with only 4 knobs (3-band EQ + Volume 1)
Between Exit 1 + 2 (1 + to amp to a mixer)
Operates a 9V battery or adapter (we also regret that the adapter be not provided, damage)

I put 9 because the characters' suits me well but I trs does not 10 because of the adapter


ARCHI use - simple !!!!!!! (That's why I have chosen other)
There is a volume and what I call the 3 knobs magic! 1 1 Low Mid High and 1 and go!
The small changes that are felt can be obtained and contains up to his heavy acute disto has a limit of the unbearable (yes I did too: p) is obtained whatever you want, in terms sounds are heavy course (do not think by having a versatile pedal hands if you make a mistake and I recommend you all see the cot Hot Head Digitech also home ;-)) made no attempt at gain adjustment, as there are always a step it back !!!!!!
As he advises against having the micro ffective and not otherwise infamous stews gard to feedback!

Well I'm going to not even put 10 because it is a pedal trs trs typ that does not suit everyone.


As I said disto extremely effective when you are a child of metal (I prne peace and tolerance on this subject so I speak for all metals ranging from Pantera to Slipknot)
The bass is heavy and has prompted sharp-edged'm even too much for what are the medium I could not given an objective opinion on this subject since I hate the mediums, business got.
I pass this machine has a decibel drop in LP C all springs in Studi in Peavey Pro (yes I have no tube amp but the one I threw the stone that gives me the amp ) and ca demonte see if we push it flows a little paint paper: p

So I put 10 because when you search a metal sound is really perfect!


I use this beast for only 2 days and I already love wow!
Physically I find it terrible red on a black background making wickedly ca
Report quality / price trs interresting considering the simplicity report / ffective.
For a little more sousou You also have the Uber Metal Line 6 of which is also terrible in this area that is the metal with two knobs and more, and further detailed settings you can get excellent sound also.

this choice I would do 100 times I'm really a fan of any small Digitech pedals I plan also to make me my total Digi chain effects' can be so else tries.

The next and scratches you good (I mean the guitar: p)