Ibanez SH7 7th Heaven
Ibanez SH7 7th Heaven

SH7 7th Heaven, Distortion from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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braize 07/22/2003

Ibanez SH7 7th Heaven : braize's user review


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Distortion effects pedal very simple one between an output jack battery power adapter or a 9 volt drive a level 2 band equalizer and a noise supressor 2 mode distortion


Very easy to use but can not use those who have actually tried to understand me it is simple as a normal pedal but it's so impossible to get good sound ... we never use it


Absolutely disgusting pedal'm saying to 7-string guitar but it is really nulach 'it is impossible to find its understandable, this distortion is just audible when playing two notes at the same time ...


C not me who bought this pedal c he a friend for 3 years it's been two years since he no longer used do not buy this pedal buy the SM7 which is much better in my opinion (and in addition it is cheaper!)