JHS Pedals All American V3
JHS Pedals All American V3

All American V3, Distortion from JHS Pedals.

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Overjam 11/28/2011

JHS Pedals All American V3 : Overjam's user review

«  Excellent recovery of vintage ProCo Rat »

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It's an overdrive / distortion / fuzz, based on clbre circuit vintage ProCo Rat with many amliorations. <br>The acute irritation of the old circuit does have gum, utilisabilit and music all have t amlior making all distortion pedals a versatile trs and used both low gain (the sound is sublime, it's probably the only I prfre) that trs significant gains, taking the pedals in the territory of the Fuzz. <br>Like any boutique pedals, this one is made by hand, vritable bypass possde a battery compartment, but also between a conventional 9V power.


This pedals is very simple to use despite a large number of CONTRL, but they quickly become instinctive.
First, a switch allows you to select the method of clipping:
- Silicon transistor for a lot of gain and fuzz
- LED for a clearer sound, trs overdrive
- LED for a tube amp saturation of natural

Other CONTRL are: volume, gain, Tone (which acts as a low-pass filter) and sweep which is an excellent CONTRL: it allows to choose which frquences all saturated. This helps refine the REALLY rglage, and opens the door a lot of sonic horizons.


PDAL trs effective, clips on the internet talking about them-even, this is REALLY pedals capable of much diffrent tone to suit both the blues, rock that alternative, hard rock and other genres.
For fans of Radiohead, Clodplay, Pink Floyd ... pedals that can get the sounds clbres and research groups.


I've had some trs, have little use and has little in Ralite the usefulness (having a rat in Ralite for me for my use).
A $ 200 qualitprix the report is not unusual despite the quality of the pedals, but if you can find it used in good condition, Do not hesitate.