Line 6 Uber Metal
Line 6 Uber Metal

Uber Metal, Distortion from Line 6 in the ToneCore Pedals series.

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Mikl O 10/22/2005

Line 6 Uber Metal : Mikl O's user review


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All t adj said distortion pedals made in Line6, six pots, all metal super strong. It's easy to take in hand, the manual is explicite.3 modes: Metal (nag) Pulverizer (even nag), and Insane (nag from hell). Specially referred to the gate: it is asking how we did before so it's effective. In short, the stuff well done, nicely finished, complete, efficient, prcis, nickel, and all for 100. Not one euro flight is clear.


Operation is simple and effective. Each knob Bug brings change, which is both gnial and Drout. Gnial because you get forcment, seeking, the ZE, the one we wanted. Drout because despite the ease of handling, are so many possibilities that says we will still take months master this thing. Donns examples in the manual is relevant and can be a good ides opportunities.


I use a Gibson Explorer with EMG 81/60 pickups. The sound is absolutely monstrous. That we want to sound super heavy, fatty typ 80s, a more modern sound a bit synthetic and grsillant, a lightweight bluesy crunch (yes, yes, she can do) or a disto Death Metal genre, the cradle rpond Submitted. It provides everything, and it does it well. a ring right away, sounds a deep, bold, gnial. Ms. rotted on my amp (being a change ...), give something good, and for trying on the right is crying.


When I plugged the very first time, and I say I have enabled something like "put $ *% of race Bor *% * sea". Frankly, forget everything you have tried before, and other MetalZone deathmetal, MetalX, Jackhammer, and I do not know what toy, the cradle Metal is THE ultimate distortion pedals of the moment. Nothing happens to him the ankle. If I had the choice again, I no referrer problem: for 100, there is nothing equivalent, and even the most distos Chres are no better. In short, buy the closed eyes, it's really good stuff that dchire.