Line 6 Uber Metal
Line 6 Uber Metal

Uber Metal, Distortion from Line 6 in the ToneCore Pedals series.

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inthestreet57 08/01/2005

Line 6 Uber Metal : inthestreet57's user review


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Ben c a pedal to metal as there is an increase volume and equalizer c perfect!
Special mention for the Scoupe that changes the sound a death that leaves many possibilitbr /> choosing the main style (3 anyway) and the noise gate great ... but the pedal is complete will have ultra jlachete .... ahahah nan but I had already hihihi lol pardon my humor is lacking!
nan serious architecture is complete


Super simple green light is so beautiful and more come through against all knew the pedal, but give us an adapter could ...
c if not perfect!


Well I try not jai 1000 pedals or anything the only thing that my peavey jvoulai c ca race with spit! ben jai and testing has been used jlai 1am (I venai to have hihi) has its very strong and not already well ct bo! plus line 6 they are nice they give us 3 setting example (thank you gentlemen!) Squid fact that already has good sound and then after veil which c ptits our finger do the rest!
basically the sound is great now I have an amp as good plain quen large disto! thank you line 6


Ben jlai 2h hihihi but since vla jlai already well tested and c of happiness
120 minutes of happiness that happiness! sorry I digress!
buy a close eye jlai is jen and am not on it!
I precise that I just wanted to play with this pedal as the herd vieu see rock rock style acdc metallica etc ben c perfect!
(Note finally that my guitar is very modest: cort x6, and the sound is still good bo!)
c mieu the world! veiled