Marshall Shred Master
Marshall Shred Master

Shred Master, Distortion from Marshall in the Effects series.

botard 06/11/2010

Marshall Shred Master : botard's user review

" The bomb!"

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It's a pedal saturation - overdrive that hides a multitude of sound. It is pure analog. Made in Englanland!


The config is pretty simple:

5 knobs: Gain / Bass / Treble / Contour / Volume.
By playing with these 5 parameters you get a palette of its very (very) wide. Bluesy sound to the fighter metalheads.
Like any pedal has a type (Marshall), but the combinations are so numerous that each had to find his or her sound.


It's pure analog there is no real fuss. It sounds simply.
I use my Fender Start with all the possible config, even if the bulk metallic sound is not really my thing. But if I am in need of big sound I clear my ibanez and I put the gain and contour has donf and Disco.

Otherwise I opt instead for her "good rock" without too much edge and a healthy dose of winning.

For me it's a perfect sound that I prefer a thousand times in his flat instead of BOSS DS-1 or Metallzone and consort.


In fact this was my first pedal 15years ago. I had then sold because I was young and stupid then dazzled by the multi-effects. Because the finances did not allow me to have both, I had sold to buy a Digitech RPxxx (who passed away since).
Now I am delighted to have found this little gem (no longer manufactured, only OCCAZ!). I do not intend to let go!