Marshall Shred Master
Marshall Shred Master

Shred Master, Distortion from Marshall in the Effects series.

ncicolini 01/30/2009

Marshall Shred Master : ncicolini's user review


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Everything has been said


Simple, effective, robust ...


I use it during the holidays where I play on a small 20W amp transistor Japanese brand "Kent" on which I plug a Gibson Les Paul GT Guitar Of The Week # 15 coupled with the Shred Master. When I push a little sound, I feel like I have a small tube amp, it's great!


I found it to 5 euros in a garage with a footswitch when I started guitar.
: P
I did not know this pedal and I left in a corner for a while, until I really got interested, and I came across the c **.
How a small foot found in a flea market at 5 euros could be as well?

If one day I get a pedal board, it will go!

This is a great pedal that I recommend!