Marshall Shred Master
Marshall Shred Master

Shred Master, Distortion from Marshall in the Effects series.

Ritonkeupon 04/12/2008

Marshall Shred Master : Ritonkeupon's user review


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A good old distortion pedals, everything t said I think. My copy is 10 years bienttfter n964080246. Fully analog good sr.


The potentiomtres are effective unless a default Typically, the gain is not progressive and trs is effective only five hours of midday.


The sound is legendary, I used multiple configurations and I've never lass. The sound remains attached to the 90's, I have tried many distos and I have yet to find what his typical trash, the big Texas blues to the Trash metal.De fact, we like it or not. But it really helps to dmarquer the Big Muff, ProCo Rat and other metal zone and a DS ... It sounds like no other h h. Whether or distortion boost, it's a great pedals.


I use it for 10 years, bought the 400 F era. This was my distortion pedals Premire true, it never leaves me. But on occasion I would advise caution is not the case trs tench is a real nest dusts and sometimes corrosion. What may have consquences fcheuses. I DEFINITIONS remake that choice, my attachment to push me 10. Inflation, on occasion, it may be justified but it is not always true that footstomp marked the spirits.