MXR CSP104 Distortion+ 73
MXR CSP104 Distortion+ 73

CSP104 Distortion+ 73, Distortion from MXR.

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Linn Sondek 09/30/2012

MXR CSP104 Distortion+ 73 : Linn Sondek's user review

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Reissue of the legendary yellow pedal appeared in the first half of '70.
As with all limited editions and "vintage" from MXR, manufacturing is above suspicion. As components of the highest quality and assembly "on hand with ten fingers."
Of course, there was the ultimate analog.
No more than one external power supply socket or lamp operation until 1973, when it appeared.


A pedal with two knobs: one for volume (output level, if you prefer) and one for the amount of distortion. What could be simpler but more effective? Especially when setting the amount of distortion, as is the case here, shows hyper progressive and allows a multitude of shades.


So it is that I have owned this pedal in the late 70s and I'm not going to please vintage madmen or those trying to sell € 200 and over their original model: this reissue is much higher the original! And yes, no luck! Especially it is found less than 130 €, in fdp, Holland (Rock Palace).
In what way is it better?
-Level output greater
Amount of distortion, more progressive
-Exploitable in the same rhythm with the distortion set to bottom.
Moreover, in this regard, it may be time to stop with this fantasy of vintage gear. Honestly when I hear guitar sounds on disk groups of the 60s and 50s WORST, it really gives me no, but then not really want to buy a Strat, a LP or Fender or Marshall . So maybe we knew not register at this time? Maybe the microphones were not they planned to transplant levels out baffles guitar amp?
All I know is that I hear most sounds good rotten!! Fortunately the 70 would finally do justice to these wonderful instruments.
End of digression.


I own and have owned many overdrive pedals and distortion and I tested more (when normal is 55 years old!). This distortion + 73 Vintage Reissue is immediately purchased, became my favorite distortion. Solo, it offers its singing, reacts perfectly setting the tone of the guitar (I love the tone set to "zero" with distortion) makes no noise (that is one of the quietest in my arsenal ), and has a huge sustain becomes infinite if it is coupled to a compressor (Dyna Comp in my case). The sound is still "clean" (yes, it's amazing for distortion, I know! But I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain), "right" never crumble between notes and full of harmonics.
Short an absolute must on which we must throw as it is available (well, this time -09/2012- it just came out).
So yes, I remake this choice if necessary.