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Red Witch Famulus
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ricoute ricoute

«  that very good with a fader 2 parallel circuits distortion / overdrive! »

Publié le 06/20/14 à 12:03
this is a double overdrive / distortion with an overall ratio between the one and the other or the two

no editing is turned and it is

5 buttons: volume / tone / gain and a gain b mixture (alchemy)

Very good construction and finish it seems to be a signature pedal (signed at the bottom)


connections in / out


config and 5 buttons not offer a lot of possibilities

Volume serves to equalize the effect ude nivea with bypass
Tone which is a priori presence control or some sort of tone cut (darker when the position is increased)
A first circuit gain distortion / ovdrv
Gain distortion circuit 2 B / ovdrv

& The famous knob "Alchemy" which is a mixture / ratio
between the kids that the gain A
midpoint in 50/50 equal proportion between A and B
and gain the maximum point B.

You can really do what we want to favor a small gain on one side and the other with boost and just focus on a relatively small gain position relative to each other and to the other bottom levers but when even favor the ratio eg 1.
This gives gives beautiful subtleties with gains A and b perfectly complementary or strengthen 2 to have a good distortion out of the odrv outright without reaching a saturation metal anyway!

I was looking for something that can Overdriver and distortion model and responds very well to my expectations

downloadable manual in English explains the functions and intricacies of the mixture opvdv / distortion


effects especially good analog grains and it is not always accurate clutter, just brilliant it takes character with pretty vintage but musically always on top

Guitar only

nothing I hate


10/15j since I hesitated with other models including more based on ovdrv such as
Catalinread the supercharged od, dug too (so a little metal without gain) and rothwell tornado with its innovative adjustable scoop.

I also tried the dreamer 88 + Jam and I was not convinced because I made it just as with the possibility of duo ts 58 & TS72 (1 but 2 was insignificant and RESTIT a little too acid and brilliant musical and detailed enough for someone who was not nearly good but nothing more versatile than the Framulus.

The big advantage is to have 2 separate gain and grains that can fader leisurely redwich is customary innovative solutions with the titan with 3 delays

R / p / q is very very good build quality and very serious potential wider than ask for more.

I expected rather less, and I was not disappointed on the contrary

Yes I do it again this choice
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