Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion
Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion

Metal Planet Distortion, Distortion from Rocktron in the Classic series.

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skizoboy666 02/04/2005

Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion : skizoboy666's user review


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Pedal complte trs, trs versatile distortion trs a pallet wide, effective: a knob for gain, for an acute one for the serious one for trebble and one for the pr presence, the Basik what! 9v battery power or adaptateur.boiti metal indstructible! and small blue LED to indicate when it is running very practical in concert!


Even if to find the sound you want it you must to spend some time its use is intuitive, simple knob trs argl


The most importantly, I was playing forward on metal master and all that I saw the difference, we make the metalica, the deftones, the slayer, the ac / dc slipknot or nickel is if we understood the fawn of rglpar against a hard shot low volume of sound that big a 15wat dchire therefore the room is not the foot but in concert ad Chire! However if you want a little crunch of his pass your way, but hey if this is called: Metal pedals planet is not for nothing good on the other hand I wonder if the button is used to gain some personal thing because I always put a background, I use it on peavey bandit 112 prs with the pedals Tremona SE and brought a lot to my sound.


I have a year and if I had to ratchet pedals I would take a 100 hundred times that the ci.pour mtal c'tai really what I needed for some time even though I realize that she allowed me to approach some of what I like but it's not big parfait.en ComenC to you if you tired of your rotten amp distortion pedals that can be a good choice but it will not turn your amp squier in mesa boogie, so if you want a little more to add to your sound is saturated THE PDAL for you but if you're looking for rvolution obtez sound rather a multi purpose amp simulator or better a new amp!