Rocktron Rampage Distortion
Rocktron Rampage Distortion

Rampage Distortion, Distortion from Rocktron in the Classic series.

cladamousse 12/20/2006

Rocktron Rampage Distortion : cladamousse's user review


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This is an analog distortion pedal compact oriented rock sound big (big big win) with an input and an output jack 6.35mm with an on / off button on top.
Input power supply 9VDC standard barrel (power supplies and ibanez boss ok) on the side of my model, extremely impractical pedal board. Covered parking for 9V battery. Very solid metal shell, blue or gray metalized finish.


There are five buttons:
Bass, Scoop, Treble, Level, and sustain. Bass and treble can choose the level of these, the scoop is used to select (like the line6 uber metal from home) the level of filtering mediums in order to dig more or less equalizing.
The pedal has a default gain enormously high level button is there to limit the increase in volume when activating the pedal. The sustain ... I heard almost no difference between mini and maxi.
The configuration is simple because easily audible on the record.


That's the problem, sound quality, the distortion is very nice because no crunch and no drooling like Synthetism MT-2 or über metal, for against the gain is so huge that the pedal snores like a toad, and it is mandatory to add to it a noise gate (and even in the loop of ns-2, we can not find effective control between noise and choking sound ...). At the level of distortion itself, we regret one knob adjustment, because whatever the EQ settings, the grain of the pedal is the same, it's a pity. The distortion is strong enough to officiate in the rock but not enough to the metal for my taste. I use the clean channel of a tube amp ashdown, put it before the canal lead to suicide is seen the noise it generates.
The punk garage / grunge / rock filthy can find happiness but fans of precision, go your way.


I bought it about two weeks ago and I sold it today, probably in favor of a metal muff, I could keep it if it were not for the noise problem (yet j 'I tried several power supply and battery to try to correct the problem without success). His rock sound is pretty cool and it's a pity. The look and finish are also very good. For the price, I would rather a good old DS-1 family or go see other brands.