Rocktron Rampage Distortion
Rocktron Rampage Distortion

Rampage Distortion, Distortion from Rocktron in the Classic series.

pelly 10/17/2006

Rocktron Rampage Distortion : pelly's user review


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See below


Very simple.

2 knobs for equalizer (bass-treble). a LEVEL knob that lets you adjust the volume of the distortion, a button that colors sccop very nice and the distortion to sustain a button .... yeah .. for the sustain ...

The manual is a bit bizzare on the other hand (it's just a page ..). It définise the button SCOOP as a Mid control but it's not really ca .. it is clear what will give the color distortion. It also defines the button as Sustain the gain of the distortion but it's not exactly it either ... M'enfin, do not read the manual for this pedal to go .. I put eight to the user manual not always realistic ..


So, I said yes .. October 1 ..

That's exactly what I wanted .. to the base metal is typed and filled his role well but the RAMPAGE, is not that ca .. Scoop button allows a range of distortion that can hit the same rock and blues. the range of sound is very interesting. Unlike the silver dragon whose sound bite is enough ... the sound of the Rampage going very well for solos .. very smooth and precise at a time. The button is ausi sustain its effect or legato sweep .. it's a real treat ..

on the other hand, if you want a distortion that allows you to approach an overdrive booster does not have much gain, that's not what you need .. impossible to approach an overdrive with ca ... (But hey, it's a distortion pedal as an overdrive .. no ..


Very good advice .. for € 85 for a pedal this size with a quality ROCKTRON. this choice I would do again in a single second ...
And yet, I have had an effect, I went through all brands .. the metal area to AX3000G .. but no, it's the Rampage, who won the match ..

Aesthetics and strength really good too ...