Rocktron Zombie Distortion
Rocktron Zombie Distortion

Zombie Distortion, Distortion from Rocktron in the Classic series.

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guitareater 05/08/2005

Rocktron Zombie Distortion : guitareater's user review


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Carrying a 2-band equalizer, the Zombie fun CONTRL rename the usual: the gain becomes 'Scream', however, that the output level is called 'Louder'. As for the CONTRL symtrie of the signal, it rpond for his part in the sweet name of 'Star'.


Simple to use that knob


Well its good clean grain


It just send me an email Deapcorpes:
I actually corrected the zombie. Unfortunately I can not make you
sample, the stuff I have not adequate. but I'll give you my impressions.
So you have the level knobs, bass, treble (no mediums too bad!) who stare
vary the texture of the distortion and finally winning. I tried several combinations
The best I could find it in the ass with a GE7 all in the
return of the loop (so I bypass the pramp of the head).
good seed (you can grow with "stare") but be careful you will not have sound
a mesa with believe me! it's a bit of false advertising ...
In any case, last night I did a concert with my faith and I had a good sound,
very distinct, clean and well coming out of the mix and it is the main
(Have a good overall sound)
So overall good pedal but unfortunately they have not succeeded in
the sound of a box correction ...
Beware the notes I put in there are REPRESENTATIVES of the quality of the product it is just for the notice to appear.
Voila thank you all