Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed
Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed

Dirty Deed, Distortion from Seymour Duncan.

tym2909 07/31/2014

Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed : tym2909's user review

«  hot and powerful »

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from the overdrive pedal, but already punchy overdrive, good distortion rock-hard rock of the 80s.
Completely true bypass, it adapts perfectly to the sound of my Vox AC15.


As is often the analog pedals, no need to book.
A level to calibrate the sound level and a drive to assay the effect.
The sound is adjustable with knobs mini "treble" and "bass" that really are not there to look pretty ... very effective.
Moreover, there has possibility to feed by a 9v battery or adapter 9 or 18V.


This really is the sound distortion I was looking, warm and accurate.
I supplies 18V and I admit it feels really compression.
I try to 9v to compare.
I use a Gibson Lespaul trad pro with a 57 classic and a Burstbucker III on a tube amp Vox AC15.
Bass sounds are clear, precise and agreements are not drafts ... each note is respected and it allows long sustain ...
In my opinion, when the pedal is engaged, need compressor.


I recue yesterday tested soon to replace my double shot is a good distortion pedal.
The sound is different, more friendly, more oriented blues rock of 70-80 years.
Most of this pedal, beyond its aesthetic aspect is very nice, it is ease of use, the possibility of power supply by battery or adapter different voltages, the warm and powerful it releases.
I gained a little over 100 euros including shipping.
I do not regret my choice. I bought it without trying, just after reading articles and qq after watching videos. I'm really not disappointed.
I have not tried tons of distortion. There are probably better but I have adopted is that I had better far.