Zoom TM-01 Tri Metal
Zoom TM-01 Tri Metal

TM-01 Tri Metal, Distortion from Zoom.

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shagah 03/14/2004

Zoom TM-01 Tri Metal : shagah's user review


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EQ pedals Complte this made for Metal.


Simple configuration
Manuel clearly
Y is find the sound we like


Big sound and prcis. The distortion can be able to do heavy like death. A real pleasure.
The other highlight of the pedals is that it does not make any noise when you play arrtez which is not the case for some pedals like the Metal Zone Warp or to Hughes and Kethner o l is Better rducteur noise.
Feedback from you will only gain if you turn back again and c may be because I RPET in a small room. The gain at 3 / 4 trs dj is good. That said you can rev well to gain back if you do not have silence between two chords.
If not for the serious, do not put them back because the sound becomes dgueulasse. At 3 / 4 is good.
I use the pedals with a JCM 900 (BC Rich guitar) and is the top. I tried also with a Valvestate 8080 and on the other hand is very poor in sound.
This is based largely PDAL made to the rhythm.


I use it for one week.
Most are sound and noise gate incorporated so to speak.
The seller advised me first of all the Warp had a good sound but when I whistled m'arrtais to play and are no longer on this qualisation pedals.
I wanted to try the TM-01 saw the score in this one on Harmony Central. 9.3/10 out of 60 reviews was as good as I am interested and frankly I do not t's and my group either.
I bought new 115 euros.
I put 9 because no pedals is perfect.