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Truetone Guitar Effects user reviews

  • Truetone H2O

    Truetone H2O - " back to analog!"


    Delay & Chorus in one pedal. Footswitch on / off for each effect, the 2 being cumulables.Switch "normal / lush" for chorus and "short / long" for the delay. Chorus: reglada speed / depth / delay. Echo length adjustment / repetition and level of effec…

  • Truetone Visual Volume

    Truetone Visual Volume - Roxinhell's review


    The features were perfectly outlined above, we can not do most comprehensive volume pedal. The switch features passive / active, stereo, adjustable boost and LED display are great. When I opened the pedal, I was completely captivated by the quality…

  • Truetone Double Trouble

    Truetone Double Trouble - charlou la fouine's review


    Analog pedal overdrive, allowing for two branches in series TS9 as Stevie Ray Vaughan, o the name of the pedal. 1 IN, 1 OUT, 1 9V adapter jack, battery clip-and below (very convenient indeed +1) UTILIZATION Super-simple, we've jpense not need a …

  • Truetone Visual Volume

    Truetone Visual Volume - poufinou's review


    This is a PDAL Stereo Volume pedals. But that ... - Rocking crmaillre - 2 / 2 out - Silent tuner output - Active / passive mode for each between - Boost adjustable for each input, active mode - LED light tmoins volume - Universal expre…

  • Truetone H2O

    Truetone H2O - pierrelaforge's review


    Same characteristics except that the V1 2-3 details: - Slightly smaller format, raised rear to protect the knobs - Upgraded footswitches (supposed to resist any longer) - Added a switch norm / hush for the chorus. It has a chorus and an anal…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - eixe's review


    Everything has been said before (but note that the delay is digital and analogue chorus ...) My purism unnecessary told me I would have preferred an analog delay, too, for some reason (-> 9) UTILIZATION Indeed very simple to master, a good soun…

  • Truetone Route 808

    Truetone Route 808 - FoxMusic's review


    It is a small effect pedal that can complement its line of his (guitar + amp) with a good distortion. As its name suggests (Route 808) it is close to a tube screamer, at any style you can scan with the unit. The effect is analog. a small switch…

  • Truetone Son of Hyde

    Truetone Son of Hyde - slipkorn41's review


    Distortion pedals brand Visual Sound 9V power supply or cable (not supplied) or battery 4 pots: -Drive Treble- Middle- -Volume and a boost switch / bright on Systm same distortion pedals as the famous Jekyll and Hyde of the same firm…

  • Truetone Jekyll & Hyde V2

    Truetone Jekyll & Hyde V2 - Chris Martins's review


    Double Overdrive Pedal (Jekyll) and distortion (Hyde). The OD is a copy of TO808 but goes much further by providing a gain and bass boost to keep the body sound when the pedal is engaged. The distortion is classic but not the side that most nasal dis…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - monstawild's review


    - What are the effects or types of effects available? Numrique a delay and an analog chorus - What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...) Analog and numrique - Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC? Not - What is the c…