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Truetone Guitar Effects user reviews

  • Truetone H2O

    Truetone H2O - " a beautiful chorus"


    It is in the same box analog chorus and digital delay. It works by jack for guitar. is analog, so not editable. I did not notice the nuances of sound with v1, if not the lush knob which will be discussed. UTILIZATION three knobs for each effect, …

  • Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH2

    Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH2 - " nickel I always connected"


    overdrive and distortion with volume and equalizer for each effect and drive over a sharp button (sort of boost) for each effect. most of this pedal can combine and fuzz. UTILIZATION super simple, not read the manual. jumbo sounds fine, thank…

  • Truetone Double Trouble

    Truetone Double Trouble - " very good od"


    Double overdrive pedal analog format energizable standard 9v. Metal case with special but effective design. Jack in, jack out, and roll youth! UTILIZATION It has two channels designed in the same way (gain tone level, and switch extraordinary lif…

  • Truetone Chainsaw Distortion

    Truetone Chainsaw Distortion - " Sharp and varied"


    Pedal distortion / overdrive easy, "plug and play" type. You have to find your settings to refine your sound. This is the classic analog transistors, beefy, an input, an output jack size, a power supply. Classic what ... UTILIZATION Operation is …

  • Truetone Visual Volume

    Truetone Visual Volume - " An ultra compact pedal, the clean, powerful sound"


    2 independent overdrive channels can be used simultaneously, 2 different colors and a filter "Sharp / Blunt" acting as a compression, this gives all the variations possible signal distortion: it's rock, it's pop, it's metal, it's blues, it's electron…

  • Truetone Visual Volume

    Truetone Visual Volume - " the best volume pedal"


    Volume pedal with 2 inputs, 3 outputs (one is dedicated to link a tuner, which enables the tuner at all times even when playing). Internally there is for each input (1 active / passive switch and a potentiometer boost level). Red leds (2, one in the …

  • Truetone H2O

    Truetone H2O - " good but not great"


    analog chorus and digital delay UTILIZATION simple SOUND QUALITY the chorus is .. water ... it is aptly named! but I'm not a fan of chorus the delay is simple and produces breath unless you have a super power supply Remember the stack, …

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - " a beautiful chorus"


    It is in the same box analog chorus and digital delay. It works by jack for guitar. is analog, so not editable. UTILIZATION three knobs for each effect, nothing to cry foul :) if there is a switch to make "long" delays (it is short, you expect to…

  • Truetone Liquid Chorus

    Truetone Liquid Chorus - "A Chorus Super Effective!"


    Well, this is the first notice was necessary for someone to deflower all! This is a pedal analog chorus. It takes up little space in a pedalboard and is aesthetically very pretty. It has two outputs: -A classic standard output in mono (one …

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - " Good Pedal, Especially Excellent Chorus!"


    A digital and an analog echo chorus. Alim classic, or 9V battery. A second output for unprocessed sound. Pasted to the previous opinion, everything has been said on it no worries! UTILIZATION Very simple configuration: Delay: Delay Ti…