Danelectro D-6 Fab Flange
Danelectro D-6 Fab Flange

D-6 Fab Flange, Flanger for Guitar from Danelectro in the FAB series.

BassBeGood 06/14/2011

Danelectro D-6 Fab Flange : BassBeGood's user review

«  Trs cheap. »

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See more advice.
The switch and plastic shell really does not inspire confidence. The knobs are less afraid.
The quality of the internal components should be enough for it mdiocre lche me in three months.


Trs is easy to use, there are three knobs:
- Regen. (Equivalent of dry / wet if I remember correctly)
- Speed ​​(frquence oscillations)
- Depth (depth)

So to say anything in thoriated.


Arf, the sound, that's the problem. It's pretty funny to beginners, but eventually they would call pluttd "gnrateur wave" because it cre a pretty horrible breath. The effect sounds cheap, and lacks enough depth. In addition, the instrument signal is really dtrior even when the effect is not activated but the price should not expect a true-bypass.
C'tait nice when on low even with the distortion in the treble, we can CRER effects of science fiction rather amusing. A rcrative pedals, but not so musical.


I used it for three months, until that an internal component lche.

You can not really demand more quality for the price the (however I remember a low distortion Behringer bought for twenty euros when I was 12, which held 3 years) .

I do not have that choice would do, simply because it is useless to gcher money in a not very useful, and pedals to sound cheap trs.
Since I bought used more srieux Small Clone Electro-Harmonix (which has a chorus) that seems to me much more convenient.