Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger
Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger

CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger, Flanger for Guitar from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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wasio44 11/12/2004

Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger : wasio44's user review


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It's a simple pedal that combines Chorus and Flanger, mainly for the User I flange, when the button triggers KRAZY (in plain English;)) that makes sounds from pedals to aileurs! and all this in stereo if you have a stereo amp, but also it works in mono
Seeking, we can find a setting that is a kind of tremolo, but I lost the settings! =
Full of possible settings!


Setup is super simple and more intelligent than the Boss pedals, because it can degrade the knobs for adjustment (so that the pedals boss you always do them again!: Angry:), to insert the battery, no need to screwing a screw super long, it was just a push of a button! That intelligence
on the other hand there was no manual in the box, but there is no need so ... !


The effects are incredibly efficient!
I use a squier bullet with an amp studio pro 112 (Peavey) with a Os2 (overdrive home boss)
My adjustable prefried is:
Speed: 6
Depth: 6
Delay: 5
Regen. : 2
Krazy: Normal
by Flanger

Otherwise I like this one:
Speed: 6
Depth 6
Delay 5
Regen 2.5
Krazy: Normal
In Chorus or FLG

But he's also is good:
5 Speed
Depth 3
Delay 6
Regen 6
krazy: one
In Fig
There are preset "official" on the card manufacturer's => https://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/products/effects/page/cf7.html

Edit du13/11/04: when switching to a mode wack'd clean (nothing!) There is a small white half a second is a bit annoying but good = (

I do not use too much flanger time such but I use it for his personal one, a flanger very slow, rather quiet, which gives more presence to my sound


- How long have you use it?
I use it for 2 days if I have I will problemmes additions!

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I like the combo chorus / flanger, the possibility of lowering the knobs for adjustment, the robustness

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I have not the flash on this model!

How do you report qualitprix?
Hh 70euros the pedals it's good!

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
Why remake a choice? I always keep the pedals! But if an even more versatile model comes out I buy!

ADDITION OF 03/05/2004

The animal consumes a lot actually 98mA max, I suggest you take a transformer (which delivers a 1000mA to a pedal chain: twisted
With the battery, the pedals always left me in the middle of RPTES ..