Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger
Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger

CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger, Flanger for Guitar from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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Mrbjork 01/30/2004

Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger : Mrbjork's user review


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Beasts of character for a pedal of this price I think! It claims to make the flange, chorus, effects all odd coming from another planet, I even found a setting to have a slightly vibrato tremolo the most beautiful effect! complete! half price for the leading brand of effects ... which one? :-)


Well, full of sounds with 4 pots and 2 selectors, ca mean not that simple to use! good, one who has the habit, no problemo. For the beginner, faloir will tweak a little, because the krazy to note with Inrush, we find ourselves very quickly with its unusable (on this planet anyway!). It's pretty late. Otherwise, the chorus is simple simplicime to resolve. The manual offers a couple of basic adjustments which happens to be those to which we always come back! ;-)


Well, I do not know all the major references on the subject, so I can not compare. By against I had a DigitechGNX2 before, and I see no difference in quality, so good at all. But ... and yes, there is a "but", I think the chorus (the effect is such important that I use) is a bit "lightweight" ... Let me explain:

in clean, it's a treat! sweet, bewitching, accurate ...
But distortion (distortion: no overdrive) it almost does not hear well, even a background ... damage, otherwise it was flawless!


Here, I pretty much said it all ... If you can put in your max € 60 Chorus Flanger or your (or two!) Buy eyes closed! tt even try to store it is always useful!