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Korg Guitar multi-effects user reviews

  • Korg Ax1000g

    Korg Ax1000g - " Comprehensive and versatile"


    Everything has been said on this subject! Multi-purpose classic that is distinguished by its versatility: - Modelling amp and speakers, - Effects flanger, phaser, chorus, delay ... - Pedal integrated (volume or expression), - Tuner, Metrono…

  • Korg Ax3g

    Korg Ax3g - " Good for its price."


    This adj t stated in the previous ones opinion, it is basically a multi-effects, numrique, many effects Varis, simulations, a tuner Intgr (handy, soon to buy a tuner and more, if a can still dpanner, trs useful), ect ... UTILIZATION The configura…

  • Korg Ax3a

    Korg Ax3a - " not pro but it helps out"


    Multi-Effects for Acoustic Guitar (but not) in a brown plastic case that is not beautiful (matter of taste) and did not look solid (objectively). Of course it's all digital connector at one entitled to an absolute minimum, in, out and taken to a foot…

  • Korg Ax100g

    Korg Ax100g - " Sober, simple, effective ..."


    For full description see other opinions. 40 factory presets + 40 user (Enough) Not editable on a PC or Mac, however, for my use, no interest, so perfect. The connection is all that is very simple: In and Out in 6.35mm, 3.5mm accessory input, a …

  • Korg Ax3g

    Korg Ax3g - " complex but not without interest"


    everything has already been said on the subject ... UTILIZATION uh ... record is abominable: a beginner (as I was by buying it) can not do that ... we hack, one fiddles and occasionally we get something ... it's a shame because this is very com…

  • Korg A4

    Korg A4 - " but well exceeded"


    cfr previous opinion UTILIZATION In my memory, use was intuitive. Nothing special to say except that the effect pitch / shifter set so drop tuning was not usable because of latency. SOUND QUALITY It was time for a good multi-effect, but the …

  • Korg Ax10g

    Korg Ax10g - Youpiiiiiii's review


    11 guitar amp simulations 26 effects + Noise Controls: Gain, Treble, Bass Medium Volume Tuner Expression Pedal / Volume ... All metal case, very solid UTILIZATION Very easy to use, never needed the manual ... Editing sounds is VERY easy…

  • Korg AX5G

    Korg AX5G - " Very good value for money"


    Digital pedal ("ouch ouch!" Some will say ...), multi effects (amp simulator, distos, reverb, octave, chorus, wah (or not ...), expression pedal is set to 3 positions: _Volume _Wah _Intensité Effect An input jack, an output, a power supply for 9V…

  • Korg AX5G

    Korg AX5G - Carlos Jon's review


    Already specified. Hyper UTILIZATION breaks burne. I keep a pathetic memory of this machine. The edition takes three lead is unclear, as intuitive as a North Korean dictionary. Hmm. Zero. SOUND QUALITY Effects are they effective, responsiv…

  • Korg PX4D

    Korg PX4D - " Practice for playing with headphones"


    Everything that has been written so far is true of course, is a sort of Swiss Army Knife UTILIZATION I am surprised that draws its easy to find, the Pandora is an authentic gas plant. This is normal given its small size The manual is strictly r…